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Meet Notified: The Free Website Uptime Monitoring Tool That Is Gaining A Viral Following For Website Owners

The recent release of Notified.Site, a free website monitoring subscription tool, is forming a viral following based on its simplicity and transparency for businesses and website owners.

    HOUSTON, TX, February 18, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Vessio, Texas-based website maintenance, and development company since 2006 created Notified to prove the significance of website uptime and stability for their customers and have since made the free website uptime service available to the public.

Notified offers no accounts to manage, no apps, no profiles - just simple e-mail notifications informing users when their website is offline and when their website is back up and running. Businesses and website owners, in general, are finding this concept highly effective, specifically in the e-commerce space when website uptime is critical for sales conversions.

Mike Danna, the Lead Developer of Vessio and the Notified subscription service says:

"Websites are not always online. If there is one thing I have learned from being in the web development space for over a decade is that your web hosting service is rarely telling the truth about your 99.9% uptime."

Below are some benefits of knowing when your website is offline as well as how you can use Notified for free website uptime monitoring:

Transparency and action
When your website goes offline, in most cases, you need to do something about it such as contact your web hosting provider. When your website is no longer accessible to the public, even for a short period, this can cause major problems with user trust and your general site functionality.

Peace of mind
Once you come to terms with the fact that your website will indeed go offline from time to time, sometimes quickly, sometimes for longer periods requiring intervention - having active website monitoring in place will simply let you chill out and know that your website is online and doing its job.

Increased stability and conversions
When you know how often your website is down, this lets you quickly address the problem and restore the accessibility of your website. Consider this, a moderate-sized e-commerce site can have 20 to 50 users browsing the website at any given time - if your website goes offline, even for 5 minutes, those potential buyers are gone.

Evaluating your web hosting service
If your website is going offline more than a handful of times within a month, it might be time to bump up your $5.99/m web hosting plan to a plan that is more adequate in terms of resources and reliability.

How does subscribing to Notified work?

Here is a breakdown of the simplicity involved with getting a website set up with Notified:

First - Visit Notified and take a few seconds to breeze through the homepage.
Second - You will want to enter your e-mail address and website URL.
Third - You will want to press the "subscribe" button.

Having the ability to simply keep informed of your website status goes a long way.

Vessio provides website maintenance and development services to a wide range of small and large companies both locally and internationally. Vessio is based in Texas and has been actively involved in the web development space since 2006.

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