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Health Experts Show Executives How to Hack Breath For High Performance and Stress Relief

Customized webinars that help people navigate stress as it happens.

"The best way to support corporate teams during these challenging times is to help them manage stress in the moment when it happens."

    OTTAWA, ON, February 24, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Drs. Nathalie Beauchamp and Paul Sly are helping employees and executives take charge of their productivity and energy with the foundational power of breath through a new, innovative health training service. Aptly named Breath Work @ Work, their interactive, educational sessions are aimed at helping corporate executives and employees mitigate stress and improve performance on the job.

"Functional breathing means learning to breathe in sync with the way our body's anatomy and physiology was designed," explained Dr. Beauchamp. "Many breathing techniques focus only on one of three components. Functional breathing uses all three."

Corporate teams are dealing with untold stress brought on by the pandemic. The new remote workplace has blurred the lines around home and work, adding more pressure to everyday responsibilities.

Breath Work @ Work gives individuals a proven, reliable way to respond to almost any situation, be it high-stress work issues or trying to balance focus and energy when working from home. Benefits include reduced breathlessness, greater resilience, improved immune function, higher quality of sleep, and better digestion.

"Just as you train your employees to be powerful and successful in their roles, we're here to give your team the tools they need that work over the long term," said Dr. Sly. "Doing just a few minutes of practice every hour or two, employees will see noticeable improvements in their stress levels and their ability to refocus on a task."

The Breath Doctors, each with over 25 years of experience in the health industry, are offering virtual live 50-minute Hack Your Breath lunch-and-learn sessions. The training focuses on dispelling common myths about breathing, provides an overview of the effects of poor functional breathing, and offers essential strategies for using breath work to calm down when feeling stressed. Human resources leaders will be interested in how functional breathing can be used to boost morale and productivity, and how they can build a plan for engaging their teams to use it as part of their corporate health and wellness initiatives.

"Breathing correctly to diffuse stress is something most people have to learn," added Dr. Sly. "The best way to support corporate teams during these challenging times is to help them manage stress in the moment when it happens."

After a combined 50 years in practice caring for individuals from all walks of life, Drs. Nathalie Beauchamp and Paul Sly have partnered to help corporations manage the untold amount of stress that is occurring as a result of the pandemic. Bringing their unique approach to functional breathing, The Breath Doctors offer customized webinars on how to use Breath Work @ Work to reduce stress, increase productivity, boost resilience, and enhance overall job performance. Visit The Breath Doctors here:

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Watch Dr. Beauchamp and Dr. Sly introduce you to the benefits of functional breathing.