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Zen Love

An Allegory by teZa Lord

What better time for us to focus on these new solutions than in our more introspective and creatively stimulated, pandemic-stressed era?

    JACKSONVILLE, FL, February 25, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "This true story of my family was written purely as an analogy of what is taking place on a much grander scale in the world today," says teZa Lord in her new audio book, Zen Love: The Journey of the Blended Family. A personal narrative, Zen Love is a microcosm of what's taking place all around us. Her story is, in effect, the story of everyone in the world right now.

In particular, the United States recently has been through a time of polarity and partisanship, Lord notes. But she believes, "There can be unity in diversity if we create and respect boundaries, and if we're willing to accept our differences."

Lord says that our new president has made it clear this healing is the responsibility of each and every one of us -- not just those who think they're right, and not just those who think as the party members that elected him does. "Each and every one of us, no matter our political or philosophical persuasion, is responsible for the breech that's occurred these past years," Lord says. "We caused the horrendous divisiveness we're all lamenting. And we can heal it."

She points out that, as our country -- and our world -- became gradually more blended, many became confused and angered. But, because the culture of humankind is now embracing diversified cultures, religions, opinions, and the needs of all types of disparate people, our "blendedness" -- as Lord calls it -- contains the solutions to the many challenges that present themselves.

In Zen Love, Lord shares the adventure of her life and discovery of the love of her life who, by chance, was a single parent, and tells the story of how she became the "angel mom" to his two young children. The book documents her lifelong quest to know, work with, and spread to others the great mystery of love which she calls "the weapon of mass illumination" and "the antidote to fear."

Lord explains that Zen Love "is healing energy in story form" and that it "portrays the new Earth of transformed, human 'blendedness' and the world's song that we're singing now. Solutions 'present' themselves when we 'raise' our perceptions."

Zen, to Lord, means a balance of mind-body-spirit, high vibration, design, environment, and a consciousness-uplifting. It represents the answers to what's dividing this country.

"What better time for us to focus on these new solutions than in our more introspective and creatively stimulated, pandemic-stressed era?" Lord asks. "The self-isolation, economic crisis, and forced-quieting of people worldwide, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, has added to our realization that a huge change is occurring in life on earth. It's happening before our very eyes. We have now have the opportunity to focusing on a higher vibration than anger or fear. Our future can be inspiring rather than depressing."

According to Lord, our culture's soul growth requires that we learn lessons about opening our closed hearts (due to tribal differences); follow our heart and inspiration rather than our head; and feel gratitude for the gift of life and love itself.

She concludes, "The solution to life's many challenges lies within how we communicate. Our words are either weapons continuing injustices, or are healing balms of understanding and transformation. Each of us chooses which way we use our words. Those who continue to foment separation by name-calling, blaming, fear-mongering, etc. are guilty of widening the chasm between us. Those who choose wisely each and every word coming out of their mouth, realizing that words have power either to harm or heal, are of the latter group … the healers. We must accept our differences with no more judgment, finger-pointing, blame, or anger. We have to choose positive over negatives, forward growth, and harmony. Beginning now, every person is asked to choose love over fear, and unity over toxicity."

Zen Love: The True Journey of a Blended Family
Audio Book
teZa Lord
Transcendent Publishing
February 2021
Author's website:
Amazon page:
ISBN: 978-1-7365501-0-6

teZa Lord, Author

Finding the sacred in the ordinary is the theme of teZa Lord's life and work. A student of consciousness-exploration of all types, Lord's work chronicles how she survived an irrepressibly wild youth, to paint for us her true experiences, using mystical brushstrokes and uplifting words. Her mission -- as an artist who writes, and a public speaking spiritual activist -- is to communicate how to achieve a more fulfilling, balanced, and holistic way of living.

Zen Love is her first audio book, and she narrated it herself. Her other books are a full-color art manifesto in a true empowerment story, In the "I": Easing Through Life Storms. Another non-fiction narrative is Hybrid Vigor: A True Reveal of Love, which is about how animals inspire us to be better humans.

teZa's motto is: "Love is the weapon of mass illumination." You can find her online at or

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