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What Local Destinations Will Become More Popular According to Matthew Keezer

One of the nation's top travel advisors, Matthew Keezer, was recently consulted as to what local travel destinations will become popular in our "new normal" post-COVID environment.

    MONTREAL, QC, March 04, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- While he has been quick to point out that travel enthusiasts may focus on understanding current travel changes, in general, most current travelers are generally ready to enjoy some of the new benefits that travel has to offer.

What benefits will be seen in our post-COVID world?

Two major changes that will be initially noticed have to do with both technological advancement and population changes. By that, Matthew Keezer has noted that traditional vacation hotspots have experienced a significant decrease in the population of those who are currently visiting those locations. For example, tourists spots that once had long lines will now be far more accessible and enjoyable to the average tourist.

Matthew Keezer has also been keeping up with the latest technology trends that relate to the travel industry. Here, we find the emergence of new contact-less technology that will seriously expedite the new traveler. This not only pertains to airline travel, but hotel and other check-in locations, as well. Where travelers were once bogged down by people-oriented travel destination administration, we now have computers and online resources. In addition, technical sensors will come to the forefront when it comes to determining the health of a potential traveler. Vaccine-related documentation will also play an important part in this scenario.

There is a new concept involving travel micro-cations

When asked about those who plan a long haul or a more local vacation, Matthew Keezer was quick to mention the new concept of "micro-cations". Here, we have vacationers who may have once planned a first-class flight to an international locale desiring to make a more local journey that contains luxury options. Here, it's not really about saving money, but exploring many of the sights and options that are available right in their own country.

When asked for specific popular local in the U.S., Mathew Keezer listed (among others):
• New Orleans
• San Francisco
• New York City
• Glacier National Park
• Maui
• Yellowstone
• The Grand Canyon and
• Yosemite

These tourist locations have always been designed to cater to out-of-town visitors. However, there was always an issue with over-crowding. In our current post-COVID world, this is no longer an issue. Therefore, these traditional types of tourist locales can now be enjoyed in far more relaxed manner without spending time waiting in lines.
It would appear that our new post-pandemic world is offering a multitude of travel benefits which are waiting for all types of vacationers to enjoy. Now is the time to get ready and book your next destination.

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