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A Miracle from God Corrected Vision in 75 Year Old Man from 20/40 to 20/20 Perfect Vision

M. Glenn Baxter's spiritual journey over last 5 years has opened his eyes through the laws of nature into the metaphysical life force vibrational resonance to connect and flow in Oneness with The Absolute Trinity Creator of Universe.

Examined by Costa Rica Optometrist/Medical Doctor...letter verifying 20/20 Vision Right Eye. In 1961 Texas Driver's License was restricted...53 years near blindness issues new CR unrestricted license.

    QUEPOS, COSTA RICA, March 06, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Since 2014 he meditates silently in nature twice a day at sunrise and sunset. Silently repeating in his mind through the spirit spark in his heart, "I AM THAT I AM in oneness with all minerals, plants, animals and children born of Planet Earth. I love you Mother/Father Creator in the Golden Rule to do no harm." Never asking for selfish needs, he has always loved babies and children. His powerful mental intentions are sent up like a radio signal placing love and protection over babies, children and families. Then force is directed back like a spot light on earth to specified locations. In mornings standing on a mountain top overlooking the Pacific Ocean clutching his deceased brothers Alcoholic Anonymous book "Walking in God's Word" he meditates love to the Creator.

All life is a miracle. A research study states that 98% of all babies born have the genius gene, but unfortunately due to all the unnatural toxins, chemicals in processed foods, pharmaceuticals, air pollution and other toxins attacking body cells by age 30 only 3% retain the genius intellect.

At age 70 Mr. Baxter shed tears fearing no future for his grandchildren and other children in a world of Satanic Predators. Making appeals to God he opened the book at random to Matthew 18:6 ...(child predators) better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Since that day Mr. Baxter hikes up to communicate with the I AM I AM Absolute Trinity Creator of the Universe every sunrise. He has relentlessly spent 16 to 18 hour days spiritually inspired researching Pizza Gate and Jeffery Epstein. His co-inspired written works non-profit as he sends out PDF through request to [email protected].

His recent book KILLING THE JESUS GENE based out the CIA Gateway Research Documents (2 sections redacted) into mind control and out of body experience into time travel have enabled Mr. Baxter to uncover Universal secrets of knowing the Absolute Trinity Creator of all life on Planet Earth.

Every part of the Organic Human Body has been copied to create the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. The flashlight cell battery is copied from the human body. The Human body has a very powerful electromagnetic field. The white light force of 7 colors can be seen through Kirlian photography and MRI thermography. The iPhone or Android Cell phones are operated through the electromagnetic touch of the organic finger with a unique torus finger print. The powerful left spinning torus is in every human body with vibrational resonance power used the human 90 % crystalline body like a radio signal reaching the Trinity Creator in Infinite Space. A pencil or any other inorganic object will not operate the cell phones. Human body cells are attacked with toxic low frequencies of anger, anxiety, air pollution, chemicals in foods and pharmaceuticals that attack the human cells causing cancer and other diseases. If a human cells are 100% pure we would have full consciousness to operate the computer with our minds in connection to the Oneness of I AM THAT I AM. NO SPOKEN WORDS NEEDED. All human have Quantum Brains that flow in an 6-3-9 TORUS in Harmony Cycle with our Creator. Baxter solved Atheist Einstein's entanglement problem. Nothing "spooky" about it all enemy flows through human minds in harmony with good intentions to form a feminine love circle back on earth like a radio station signal

Baxter was examined by a Costa Rica Optometrist who was shocked and a Medical Doctor who wrote a letter verifying 20/20 vision in his right eye. Since 1961 at age 16 his Texas Driver's License was restricted. After 53 years near blindness he received a new Costa Rica license without restrictions issued on January 16, 2018. Baxter's Quantum Human Brain has opened and expanded more each and every day totally unrestricted to soar.

CREW OF 3 PRODUCTIONS is a non-profit producer of written books, short feature videos and digital film documentaries. Betty E. Stout is the partner with Mr. Baxter forming an electro-magnetic vibrational unified field in Absolute Oneness with the Supernatural Creator of The Universe I-AM-THAT-I-AM. Betty Stout studied the KJV bible for over 30 years reading word by word and verse by verse. They both study sacred numbers, codes, parables and etymology knowledge from the Great Philosophers and Artist like Michelangelo. Betty owned a health food store in United States and is a trained nutritionist. Both are over 75 years young and spend 16-18 hour days researching hidden knowledge and history. They also collect medicinal plants out of the rainforest. They are in excellent heath never requiring pharmaceuticals. They follow The Golden Rule Natural Law to do no harm to any life.

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