All Press Releases for March 10, 2021

Lebanese MP Sethrida Geagea Overcomes COVID-19 Challenge & Countrywide Corruption by Breathing Life into Vital Healthcare Project

Lebanese Forces MP Sethrida Geagea announced the launching of Bsharri governmental hospital.

We will remain here, always steadfast, always near. We will never give up on our country, despite everything

    MAARAB, LEBANON, March 10, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- This personal initiative aims to bring back a ray of hope to the northern caza citizens, as Lebanon witnesses its worse crises yet on the health, social, financial and political scales.

In a press conference marking the occasion, held at LF headquarters, in the presence of fellow MP Joseph Ishak, MP Geagea shed the light on the importance of the humanitarian solidarity to help fight the rapid spread of the deadly Covid-19, and bringing support to the region's residents, as Lebanese authorities have failed to ensure their duties towards a post-Beirut blast grief-stricken, corruption-rooted country.

"We will remain here, always steadfast, always near. We will never give up on our country, despite everything," Geagea corroborated, standing before a wall-covering poster of the capital in ruin.

The Antoine Al-Khoury Malakeh Tawk governmental hospital launch has been possible thanks to the agreement signed between MP Geagea's "Cedar's Mountain Foundation" (CMF) and "Abniah" construction company. Donations from good-will and generous individuals and entities, some desiring to remain undisclosed, amounted to USD 1 200 000 and LBP 50 000 000. The initial launch cost has been cut by approximately USD 710 000, thus reducing the amount from USD 3 057 000 to USD 2 346 000, thanks to Geagea's efforts and solid public ties.

This is not the first initiative that MP Sethrida Geagea has taken to consolidate the development in the region. Ever since the establishment of CMF in 2007, audited by Deloitte & Touch, whose assets will fully return to the citizens of Bsharri caza, students, schools, and citizens of Bsharri have been receiving aids covering several life aspects. MP Geagea has so far been able to secure approximately $120M serving a large array of projects implemented in Bsharri, and covering all sectors such as infrastructure and maintenance, healthcare, education, environment, and tourism.

Additionally, she relaunched the Cedars International Festival in 2015, a turning point to the tourism sector and one of Middle East's top festivals destinations, featuring world-class renowned artists like Shakira and Andrea Bocelli. MP Geagea is currently endeavoring into transforming the World Heritage Site Qadisha Valley into an international touristic and pilgrimage destination.

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