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Police Community Relations Program, CPOP, Takes Center Stage In New NYPD Fiction Novel By Vincent Casale, Beat Cop CPOP 1986

Casale's new book presents a fictional account of the day to day experience of a New York City policeman assigned to the CPOP Unit, written by an NYPD police officer who was a part of the program in the 1980's.

    WILMINGTON, NC, March 11, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The phrase 'police/community relations' holds a different meaning today than the same phrase as it was used in the 1980's. Today, that phrase has somewhat of a pessimistic feel to it, due to current events that are played out across every form of media we have, most with headlines designed to provide shock value. Granted the relationship between police and the communities they serve is less than perfect today, but this was not always so.

The original Community Patrol Officer Program allowed "beat cops" to get to know their local communities from within, and would often be responsible for stopping crimes before they happened. The focus was on relationships and communication. Police officers were able to move beyond being seen as uniforms, and instead became integral parts of these local communities. This community-based mindset, versus an "us vs them" posture, greatly changed the way people saw and interacted with the NYPD.

In 'Beat Cop CPOP 1986', Vincent Casale has drawn deeply on his personal experience, having been one of the first NYPD officers assigned to the unit.

Neither a detective novel nor a crime novel, Beat Cop CPOP-1986 is a revealing tale of young New York City policeman assigned to the newly implemented Community Patrol Officers Program. The concept of CPOP was to advance police /community relations by putting the cop back on the beat, door to door, store to store. The male protagonists are flawed men, using unnecessary cynicism and hedonistic night-life adventures to shield their emotions. The female lead, Ann Caputo, is born wired to believe she can make a difference in a professional world dominated by male ego. Will that stay true when she can't protect herself from a violent assault and the guilt that engulfs her?

Frank Colleri and his policemen cohorts are a study in the psychology of young cops facing danger, enduring conflict, and learning empathy or staying devoid of feeling. They own issues of divorce, drinking, and machismo, all while witnessing the worst in life.

When the Police Commissioner learns of sexual assaults occurring in his daughter's neighborhood, he orders all CPOP members to help detectives with individual cases, by converging on and aiding crime victims.

"This book was years in the making and will take many a reader back to the 1980s and a glimpse into the psyche of young cops," Casale stated. "It is not a detective novel or chasing bad guys adventure. It is simply a year in the life of young policemen assigned to the NYPD Cpop Unit.

"Beat Cop of course, was initially written for entertainment in the way of Pulp Fiction. Interestingly enough, the current state of affairs regarding police and community interactions is also a theme in my book. There is an insight to the young policemen who travel from their Long Island suburban homes to work in the so-called multi-cultured mine-fields of New York City.People and places with various cultural backgrounds they had never encountered. CPOP was formed for this purpose 30 years ago and the elements of that program still apply today in an attempt to put a band-aid on police and community relations."

Casale is also the author of The Coparazzi, a memoir of his experience with celebrities while assigned to the NYPD's Movie and TV Unit from 1989 - 1992. During those years he worked on set with hundreds of celebrities, including Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hallee Berry, Cindy Crawford and many more.

The Coparazzi has received rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike. Ed Dee, retired NYPD Lieutenant stated, "This is not just another cop book. No way. In this well written and fast paced story Vincent Casale takes the reader behind the yellow tape of scores of movies and tv shows shot on the streets of NYC. From his unique perspective Casale shows the reader how it's done and we see virtually every major actor in unguarded, off camera, and entirely human moments. The author writes with the infectious enthusiasm of a movie fan, but he sees with the clear eyes of a cop. A great combination, a great read."

Vincent Casale is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. Both books are available at online book retailers. Beat Cop CPOP 1986 is also available from Van Velser Press. More information is available at his website at

Vincent Casale is a retired NYC police officer with 20 years of service. From the years 1989 through 1992 he worked in NYPD's elite Movie-TV Unit. During that time he was privy to the exciting world of movie making on the streets of New York. A life-long movie fan, he was happy to be a small part of "Hollywood on the Hudson".

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