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[K-chemicals 2021] Promising Korean Cosmetics Companies to Strengthen Overseas Expansion by 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition - 3

For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean cosmetic companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean cosmetic companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, March 24, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean cosmetic companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

Participating companies - Scanko, NOHTUS, CNC Cosmetic, PurenSkin, Woosong Oriental Clinic, DermaBiotech, Reviresco, Uniquemi, Garam of Nature, Lanique

• Scanko introduced BALLON BLANC that promises pure white beauty with nature-friendly plant extract

Scanko started its business in the IT field, and now has entered the cosmetic business and launched the cosmetic brand BALLON BLANC. BALLON BLANC means white ball in French. With natural ingredients, it promises the pure beauty from natural ingredients. Scanko's major business targets are Amazon US, Shop TV in the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries.

The company's major products are BALLON BLANC's therapy mask pack, hand cream, body peeling spray, and exfoliating peeling bubbles. BALLON BLANC Therapy Mask Pack is made with the less harmful EWG green grade natural ingredients. The natural essence that penetrates deep into the skin prevents skin troubles, and protects and soothes stressed skin. Users can choose from six types of masks according to the skin type. Eco-friendly Tencel cupra sheet delivers active ingredients directly to skin. It boasts high moisture absorbency and adhesion.

Its premium hand cream "BALLON BLANC Hand Cream" contains plant extract that supplies nutrients to dry hands. It keeps skin healthy and smooth, and the soft scent lasts for a long time. It also soothes the skin. It is a premium product that also exfoliates dead skin cells and prevents them from building up.

"BALLON BLANC Body Peeling Spray" and "Peeling Bubbles" for removing dead skin cells keeps skin irritated by UV rays soft and moist with tea tree oil, aloe, and five natural plant extracts, providing moisture after removing dead skin cells.

Scanko offers the best value for its price, and offers natural K-Beauty products made with nature-friendly plant extract. The company staff from Scanko said, "We are going to continuously launch vegan-certified product officials and expand vegan products in all of our skincare products. We are looking for dealers in Korea and overseas who can share our values"

• NOHTUS introduces Rejuner, the skin regeneration product that stimulates fibroblasts

NOHTUS is a cosmetic company that deals with meso solution, which is a special cosmetics. The company specializes in developing professional cosmetics that are used in aesthetic shops or spas in foreign countries, and is exporting them. Since its establishment in 2018, it has steadily increased overseas sales and has branched out in Vietnam and then to Thailand. It is currently exporting to Turkey, Bolivia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Chile, and is continuously receiving requests from the US and Mexico. With its technology and marketability, NOHTUS aims to promote Korean products in the premier cosmetics market and advance overseas.

Rejuner is the product that uses the technology that changes PCL (polycaprolactone) from solid to liquid form. It changes from solid to liquid, and the particle size is small, so it works evenly on the skin. Rejuner makes collagen in the dermal layer and stimulates fibroblasts to help skin regeneration. Rejuner is made with biodegradable polymer technology and biocompatible polymer technology, and it is safe for the human body. With such differentiation, this product meets the customers' needs. To find products that are different from other products and are effective, the company has visited trade shows around the world to find the direction of the product and the target.

With the "similar but different" concept, NOHTUS gives small changes to the products people can see easily on the skin booster market to make the products special. Unlike the existing PCL, Rejuner uses the no-particle liquid PCL for the first time to inject it more safely than the PCL with particles. This greatly reduces the risk of necrosis.

The company staff from NOHTUS said, "Just by words of mouth, we are getting love calls from various countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Chile, Cambodia, and the US. We are planning to launch our products to 15 countries in 2021. We are currently under certification process in US FDA, Europe CPNP, and China NMPA, and then will move onto Brazil ANVISA. In this exhibition, we would like to meet not just sellers, but partners."

• CNC Cosmetic unveils special product lineup tailored to customer needs

CNC Cosmetic is a Korean cosmetic company specializing in skincare. It has made its name known abroad first by focusing on the export even before K-BEAUTY was attracting the attention of people around the world. Care & Cure is the name of CNC Cosmetic and the goal for healthy and beautiful skin. CNC Cosmetic has been verified by skincare experts as a mild, nourishing product in the competitive and demanding aesthetic market.

CNC Cosmetic has a branch in Istanbul, Turkey. It is supplying its products to over 500 skincare massage shops around the world. By searching for "tiaragold kozmetik" on Google, product information of CNC Cosmetic can be found. It is selling its products to distributors of cosmetics to skincare rooms (aesthetics) and cosmetic importers.

CNC Cosmetic developed the cosmetics for professional skincare salons that are not irritating to the skin yet greatly and immediately effective to satisfy the needs of customers and professionals with outstanding cosmetic manufacturing technology and beautify design, promoting K-Beauty to all over the world.

CNC Cosmetic's main line is anti-aging line for dry skin, wrinkles, and skin elasticity, and anti-trouble line for oil skin, acne, and skin trouble. It also has the cleansing & protection line for clean skin and the mask series that is simple and highly effective.

The company staff from CNC Cosmetic said, "We are segmenting and diversifying the serum, and we are preparing to launch the hyaluronic acid serum for moisture and vitamin C serum for whitening. We are also thinking about making the serum set (series). Through this exhibition, we would like to enter the skincare market around the world and meet many buyers. We are planning to sign official contracts with countries wishing to become our dealers to increase export, and we are taking the procedure to acquire international certifications like Cpnp."

• PurenSkin introduces Detoskin with Hyggee formula made with none of 50 harmful ingredients

PurenSkin is a Korean cosmetic manufacturer that manufactures various cosmetic products like mask packs, patches, and skincare products. Purenskin uses carefully selected ingredients that have gone through rigorous testing and delivers them to the skin in a way that minimizes damage of the ingredients.

Recently, it has concluded the first contract with TJX, a large shopping mall distributor in the US. Now, PurenSkin's products are sold in TJX. Major business targets are large distribution chains or H&B stores. The company is looking for buyers who can do marketing and distribution to the local consumers.

Detoskin, the flagship brand of PurenSkin, provides direct care for skin stress by analyzing and understanding the factors of skin stress. Detoskin minimizes chemicals and purifies the skin with impurity buildup with a step-by-step detoxing program to create a natural fragrance. The company calls this Hyggee. Detoskin was made without 50 harmful ingredients designated by Sephora and Ulta Beauty. It is a true Hyggee formula that is comfortable and safe for the skin. Also, it is loved by many overseas consumers and beauty influencers with nature-friendly and sentimental design package.

The company staff from PurenSkin said, "We participated in this exhibition to create more business opportunities with buyers in the US and Southeast Asia. As COVID-19 pandemic is prolonged, the online non-face-to-face video conferences to meet overseas buyers has become a great alternative. We will prepare overseas non-face-to-face exhibitions in the future as well, and do our best to provide the venue of opportunity to meet overseas buyers, leading to successful businesses."

• Woosong Oriental Clinic introduces Atogo Soap and Manbyeonghaeyonggo Spray that alleviates skin diseases

Woosong Oriental Clinic is a company that aims to help people around the world with its unique technology that shines like a two-color spectrum making convergence of the 2,000-year-old history of traditional oriental medicine and new technology and the harmony of the modern days and tradition.

Woosong Oriental Clinic's products can be used by infants, adults, and the elderly. It is aimed at those who cannot visit the clinic often but still want to get their atopic dermatitis treated. Also, it can also be used by people who are suffering from psoriasis, and can be used to alleviate pruritus caused by various skin diseases.

Woosong Oriental Clinic's Atogo Soup is effective for calming trouble, sterilization, detoxing, soothing, toning, relaxing, and moisturizing. It is made up of 16 ingredients including glycyrrhiza uralensis Fischer, glycyrrhiza uralensis Fischer, acorus gramineus SOLAND, and Zingiberis Processum Rhizoma.

Manbyeonghaeyonggo Spray is a solution-type external application that can be used for pruritus caused by various skin diseases, all symptoms due to itching, insect bites, and skin rash. It is made up of 23 ingredients including Dictamni Radicis Cortex, Sophorae Radix, Coptis japonica Makino, and Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fischer.

All products are made completely by hand, and they are made as topical ointment to treat atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, pruritus, and all kinds of skin diseases. Herbal medicines that are needed to treat atopic dermatitis and pruritus are diluted 5-13% for stability.

The company staff from Woosong Oriental Clinic said, "Through this exhibition, I would like to make the dream of global entry of oriental medicine come true. I would like to reduce the worries of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis patients who are suffering from skin diseases coming from the development of the modern world and environmental pollution."

2021 K-chemical Cyber Exhibition supports non-face-to-face overseas marketing for Korean companies. The exhibition boasts the largest display of industrial chemical products (varnish, glue, surfactants, MDI, polybutene, polyol, catalyst, blowing agent, additive, pipe, plastic for daily use, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sun block, serum, ampoule, skin toner, lotion, shampoo, mask pack, etc.) in Korea. This year, about 270 companies will be participating to provide their major products and services.

Especially in this exhibition, 3D technology-based exhibition hall and booth will be set up to showcase special contents made of chemical products for online marketing to overseas buyers.

Currently in Korea, major industries like electronics and automobiles centered on chemical industry are closely linked. In line with this, Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association (KSCIA), the organizer of the event, is helping the Korean chemical companies to enter the overseas market by various support like export, research and analysis, technical standards, and HDR support as well as handling international agreements. This year's goal is to achieve 330 million dollars in export in the chemical industry.

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