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[K-chemicals 2021] Promising Korean Cosmetics Companies to Strengthen Overseas Expansion by 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition - 4

For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean cosmetic companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean cosmetic companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, March 24, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean cosmetic companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

Participating companies - Scanko, NOHTUS, CNC Cosmetic, PurenSkin, Woosong Oriental Clinic, DermaBiotech, Reviresco, Uniquemi, Garam of Nature, Lanique

• DermaBiotech introduces cosmetic lineup based on 20 years of experience in cosmetic R&D

DermaBiotech is a technology-intensive venture company established based on 20 years of experience in cosmetic R&D. It is currently selling moisturizers for atopic dermatitis and infant skin, regenerating cream for hot flashes, and essence for improving acne.

Also, DermaBiotech will continue to develop and release high-quality DERMA-COSMETICS. LA Times Korea also tested DermaBiotech's product and selected the company as a partnership company. DermaBiotech aims to provide more scientific and higher-quality products.

Especially, it effectively improves the three major reasons for sensitive skin, which are the damage to the skin barrier, pH abnormality in skin, and inflammation. In particular, on redness, which is the most difficult condition to treat for sensitive skin, it has been proven to improve the condition by clinical trial. Highly-concentrated natural ceramide improves skin barrier, and phytosterol gives anti-inflammatory effect. It is slightly acidic. It effectively improves sensitive skin, and the company developed liquid crystal that stabilizes phytosterol and highly concentrated natural ceramide.

The company staff from DermaBiotech said, "We are continuously going to add eye cream, cleanser, and sun cream. In the exhibition, we want to find foreign distributor. We wants to find online sellers like Amazon in US. We are also looking for buyers who want OEM/ODM manufacturing.

• Reviresco replicates the strong vitality of plants in Jeju Island! SkinMD Laboratories introduced

Reviresco is a premium cosmeceutical brand that uses natural ingredients such as the scientifically proven highly-efficient Jeju plant extract with the know-how of skin experts.

Reviresco exported to 10 countries including the US, Singapore, and Malaysia. Through the buyer located in California, it is supplying the products to the aesthetic spas. It is preparing to open up the shop in Amazon to sell its products to the consumers in the United States.

In Singapore and Malaysia, it is supplying the products to local hospitals, In Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand, it is supplying to the local aesthetic shops and spas. Besides, in Taiwan and Japan, it is being sold in B2B method to consumers. Reviresco is targeting the hospitals and aesthetic shops in each country, and is looking for buyers that can supply products to general customers.

It is running many businesses ranging from cosmetics and health functional foods. Not only that, but through active exports, it has been selected as the "promising export SME" for four consecutive years from 2017 to 2021. In Korea, it is selling to 1,000 dermatology clinics as medical products.

The company staff from Reviresco said, "We are planning to launch acne product to target consumers in their 20s in 2021. We are developing acne cosmetics that have outstanding anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, and by targeting the Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong market where there is a high consumption of eco-friendly products, we are about to launch eco-friendly cleansing puff that can remove makeup with just water." Not only that, Reviresco is currently developing nutraceutical products and is receiving great reviews from the cosmetics market. It is planning to launch edible whitening agent and sunscreen.

The company staff from Reviresco said, "We are aiming at discovering new buyers in the target countries, and we are hoping to expand export routes through the new buyers. We are also going to attend InterCHARM Korea, Cosmoprof Hong Kong, Cosmo Tech Osaka, and CIBE Guangzhou to find new buyers."

• Uniquemi unveils cosmetics with microbiome technology and botanical ingredients grown in Jeju

Uniquemi uses the botanical ingredients and microbiome technology based on while ginseng grown in the clean island of Jeju. It produces skincare products by fermenting raw materials. It has premium mask pack, skincare products for women, essence for men, and baby products. It was launched in Amazon this March. Uniquemi's transaction and sales business is based on the distributors and sellers of K-beauty products in the US.

All of Uniquemi's products are made from ingredients extracted from nature. Especially, wild ginseng skincare is made by fermenting ginseng, the ingredient known as healthy food. This product is specialized in improving elasticity and moisture for middle-aged women.

The biggest feature of Uniquemi products is microbiome fermentation. It is fermented for 100 days in the cave where the temperature is constant all year long. This technology has been patented in Korea. With these original technologies, Uniquemi makes functional cosmetics with the effects of active ingredients maximized.

The company staff from Uniquemi said, "We are developing daily sun care products and hair products. We first sold them in the overseas market in 2019, and expanded to the US, Canada, Japan, Russia, and Vietnam in just one year. In the future, we are going to showcase clean beauty & naturalism cosmetics that meet the eye level of the global consumers."

• Garam of Nature introduces natural cosmetics that combine the best natural medicinal materials and bi-selected technology

The company name is made by the word "Garam," the pure Korean word for river, and "Nature," the
English word for nature. The company name has the meaning of "river of nature." Garam of Nature has been developed by researchers of oriental medicine pharmacology at Daegu Haany University, and looked for new ways of oriental medicine. Through innovation and reform that transcends the times and the environment, it has the best investment and research facility for the future of oriental medicine science and neurocosmetics.

The sales and business targets are the women in their late 20s to early thirties. They are the woman who imitates and prefers naturalism, and they have great interest in skincare and self-care, and mainly use natural cosmetics. The consumers who do web searching when purchasing cosmetics, and those who check the ingredients by using the app service before purchasing are also the targets. Those who are sensitive to the recently raised issues of fine dust and environmental pollution are interested in sentimental and neurocosmetic products.

They are the countries that are easy to export, and have business sites in large cities where environmental pollution is high. The GDP is within top 50 in the world, and the companies should have professional distributors, beauty shops, aesthetics, department stores, and large stores. Garam of Nature was developed not only to develop natural cosmetics and medical products with natural ingredients, but to provide solutions to those who need them and share with many people.

Neurocosmetic product "bySelected" has the meaning of being selected. By researching many natural medicinal materials, the company made bySelected products with the best materials with the best combination.

Selected Anti-wrinkle Day Serum restores lost vitality with natural energy. Also, Selected Reinforce Day Serum uses sericin known for its high nutrition and strength of bySelected to form protective layer on the skin surface to make skin elastic. Selected Hyaluron Day Serum (forwhitening) makes the skin bright with the moisture of hyaluronic acid, amino acid amide, and the power of nature.

Also, Daily Broad Spectrum Sunscreen (SPF50+PA++++) protects the skin from direct sunlight, and cools and soothes the skin, It gently applies to the skin without white film and oiliness, preventing makeup from slipping or separating. Ultra Moisture Replenishing Body Cream has a non-sticky formulation, and it contains vitamin B5 and panthenol, a precursor component, and 16 natural extracts help regenerate healthy and smooth skin.

Since 2019, Garam of Nature signed 18 export contracts and MOU in 14 countries (US, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Romania, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Azerbaijan). It has successfully opened shops in Tmall, Shopee, and Qoo10, and will enter Amazon soon. On the Independence Day of 2019, it has run an ad in Times Square in New York. It is planning to run advertisement and marketing in channels like YouTube where people from all over the world can see.

The official from Garam of Nature said, "We want to expand the distribution network by launching new products in the US and Russia, and have online export consultation. By connecting the affiliate company in the local areas (Enzyme Club, Beauty sharmz, Asian Cosmetic, etc.), we would like to expand the B2C service and connection and market with the current accounts."

• Lanique introduces Derma J cosmetics that contains more than four types of peptides

Medical beauty/skincare specialist Lanique is manufacturing and selling cosmeceuticals and thread for plastic surgery. It is aiming at overseas medical business. Also, by building innovative skin/beauty care total solution platform along with the input from dermatologists, the company is making high-quality products that can be trusted.

Its flagship product Derma J is a medical skincare brand that consists of toner, cream, mask pack, andsunscreen. Each product contains four or more types of peptides. All products are developed and manufactured with the involvement by dermatologists.

The company staff said of Lanique said, "Typically, peptides stimulate and produces collagen, and reduces the activity of collagen breaking enzymes to relieve wrinkles and increase elasticity. It activates the regeneration of damaged cells in the skin and helps normalize broken skin function."

This year, Lanique will showcase enzyme cleanser (powder type) and liquid type mask pack (low cost).

2021 K-chemical Cyber Exhibition supports non-face-to-face overseas marketing for Korean companies. The exhibition boasts the largest display of industrial chemical products (varnish, glue, surfactants, MDI, polybutene, polyol, catalyst, blowing agent, additive, pipe, plastic for daily use, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sun block, serum, ampoule, skin toner, lotion, shampoo, mask pack, etc.) in Korea. This year, about 270 companies will be participating to provide their major products and services.

Especially in this exhibition, 3D technology-based exhibition hall and booth will be set up to showcase special contents made of chemical products for online marketing to overseas buyers.

Currently in Korea, major industries like electronics and automobiles centered on chemical industry are closely linked. In line with this, Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association (KSCIA), the organizer of the event, is helping the Korean chemical companies to enter the overseas market by various support like export, research and analysis, technical standards, and HDR support as well as handling international agreements. This year's goal is to achieve 330 million dollars in export in the chemical industry.

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