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[K-chemicals 2021] Promising Korean Cosmetics Companies to Strengthen Overseas Expansion by 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition - 6

For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean cosmetic companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean cosmetic companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, March 24, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean cosmetic companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

Participating companies - SM, Bio Synectics, Sanghwang, MARINECOS, MDG Cosmetics, Ntrade, Iris Pharm & Skinlink, Heart Face, Kimo

• Ntrade showcases anti-aging lifting cosmetics based on natural substances

Ntrade is a sister company of Namu Tree. It aims to develop safe and functional innovative cosmetics, and is currently in charge of distribution business. Especially based on the eco-friendly natural materials, the company set its goal to develop innovative products and provide good influence in the beauty industry.

Also, its products are based on natural ingredients and have clinical data that cumulatively improves wrinkles during lifting and reuse. The company has the lifting lineup of ampoules and mask packs, and the ampoule is made by DIY method, so the user can apply the product in the most fresh state.

The company staff from Ntrade said, "Anti-aging is everyone's dream regardless of gender. Thanks to this, there is always a need in the market for products that provide anti-wrinkle effects. We aimed at developing safe products while satisfying the fundamental desire for aging prevention. For this reason, we launched a lifting product based on natural materials, and the technology was recognized through a patent in Korea."

Ntrade's upcoming product DA99 raised the level of completeness of anti-aging lifting cosmetics one step further. Also, based on the lifting effect, the company is planning to add products that can meet the diverse needs of the customers like moisturizing, clear skin, collagen, and soothing. it is also about to launch strong lifting products that can be used on deep wrinkles of users in their 60-70s.

• Iris Pharm & Skinlink showcases the natural Dr.NDS Hydrogel Lifting Mask & Brightening Booster Ampoule Kit

Iris Pharm & Skinlink's motto is "The most beautiful thing is being natural." The company is making great efforts to make good food and cosmetics that are good for health and the skin. The company is researching and developing with the goal to make products made with natural ingredients with reduced chemicals so that the consumers can use it with confidence. Also, with the safe ingredients for the body and manufacturing environment that does not hurt the nature, it is the company's ultimate goal to create the naturalism value and natural beauty.

Dr.NDS Hydrogel Lifting Mask & Brightening Booster Ampoule Kit can be used by immersing a syringe-shaped container in warm water. The leftover product can be easily stored and reused by closing the lid. Also, the weak point of the previous product has been improved. The cream-type formulation gives even application.

As it is a product used for the skin, it focused on safety. Dr.NDS's products are used and sold in dermatology and aesthetic shops in Korea. They are CPNP and NMPA registered, so it can be used with confidence.

Iris Pharm & Skinlink will soon showcase the 3-step mask pack that can finish off the complex process of using a pore pad, mask pack for soothing, and moisturizing at once. It used to take 30 minutes to use the company's previous product, but it only takes 10-15 minutes to use with the 3-step mask pack, so it can be used easily in various environment.

The company staff of Iris Pharm & Skinlink said, "Most of our products have already been verified for safety, and are being used in 100 places in dermatology, gynecology, and pediatrics. Through this online exhibition, we are going to work hard to for export as well."

• Heart Face introduces Sosohan, its eco-friendly naturalism brand

Sosohan is made from natural materials, and it has acquired the highest grade EXCELLENT in German Derma Test skin clinical trial. Also, the water oil was developed with the most optimal ratio of double formulation with natural oil on top, and deep see water of the east sea on the bottom. This reduces the fuss of using water and oil separately. This all-in-one cleansing type product even removes makeup at once.

Sosohan is registered as vegan cosmetics from Korean Agency of Vegan Certification and Services. It contains no artificial coloring, and blocks six types of harmful substances. It also does not contain 23 allergens. In the skincare line, the company is currently developing toner pad, serum, and ampoule.

The company staff from Heart Face said, "We participated in the exhibition to promote our cosmetic brand Sosohan. We are going to lay the foundation for global branding and create a framework for national interest."

• Kimo introduces Aqua Head Spa that adds high water pressure to the pulsating rhythm of 1,800-2,500 per minute

Aqua Head Spa is a beauty device for scalp massage and hair restoration. It is used in massage shops, beauty salon, dermatology and scalp clinics and hospitals. With the scalp massage (meridians, acupuncture points), it removes heavy metals in the pores, leftover hair dye, and impurities in pores.

Also, it binds the peptide from the damaged hair by chemicals and UV rays (protein amino acids) and water molecule(H2O). By using pure water, users can prevent hair loss and protect the health of the scalp and hair.

Its sales and trade business targets are beauty equipment sales agencies (shampoo chair, perm machinery, etc.), massage shop-related chain stores, and medical device dealers.

Aqua Head Spa is a scalp massage and hair restoration shampoo device. It purifies tap water and automatically heats the water to (37°C), converting to negative ion warm water. It generates nigh water pressure with 1,800-2,500 times of pulsating rhythm per minute. Also, it provides scalp massage and hair cleansing with acupuncture-like water pressure developed together with Oriental Medicine University to restore hair, cleanse hair, remove chemicals after hair dyeing, and provide treatment for hair loss.

The main feature of Aqua Head Spa is its water purification function, negative ion warm water, pulsating acupuncture-like water pressure, scalp meridian acupoint massage, restoring damaged hair, and hair loss treatment and prevention. It can be moved and the pulsating water pressure of negative ion warm water is provided in five stages. The safety function of electricity is double to triple, and it has been certified by Europe CE, environmental regulation approval, and EMC. blocking harmful electromagnetic waves. As the scalp massaging acupuncture-like shampoo device, it was the first product to be registered in Amazon.

Kimo is supplying its product to well-known hair chain shops like Juno Hair and Leekaja, Dongsung Bio Pharm franchises (hair dye and scalp care), and Korean Hair Research Society. It has started exhibiting in overseas trade shows since 2018. It has supplied 250 devices to hair salons and scalp shops in Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia as the only pulsating acupuncture-like water pressure device.

2021 K-chemical Cyber Exhibition supports non-face-to-face overseas marketing for Korean companies. The exhibition boasts the largest display of industrial chemical products (varnish, glue, surfactants, MDI, polybutene, polyol, catalyst, blowing agent, additive, pipe, plastic for daily use, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sun block, serum, ampoule, skin toner, lotion, shampoo, mask pack, etc.) in Korea. This year, about 270 companies will be participating to provide their major products and services.

Especially in this exhibition, 3D technology-based exhibition hall and booth will be set up to showcase special contents made of chemical products for online marketing to overseas buyers.

Currently in Korea, major industries like electronics and automobiles centered on chemical industry are closely linked. In line with this, Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association (KSCIA), the organizer of the event, is helping the Korean chemical companies to enter the overseas market by various support like export, research and analysis, technical standards, and HDR support as well as handling international agreements. This year's goal is to achieve 330 million dollars in export in the chemical industry.

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