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[K-chemicals 2021] Promising Domestic Chemical Companies to Strengthen Overseas Expansion by 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition - 1

For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean chemical companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean chemical companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, March 24, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean chemical companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

Participating companies -Call Link, Silverstar Chemical, Jaesung, Chunyang P&B, LBest GAT, NON, NOROO Paint, BioVai Korea, Aerangcook, Point & Edge

• Call Link showcases self nail art GELLIGHT that boasts diverse nail shape and lasting power

Call Link is a company dedicated to overseas export of ZINIPIN products, the brand specializing in self-nail art. Its semi-cured nail product GELLIGHT was released in 2020, and is being sold in Korea and overseas. Through the online platform, it is being sold directly to the general customers, and to the buyers who have overseas sales channel.

GELLIGHT is the semi-cured sticker nails that provides the same quality as professional nail salon. Since it is semi cured, it sticks well to nails of different shapes, and after being cured with UV lamp, it lasts long. For the summer, the pedicure sticker and products with cubic on will be released on the market.

The company staff from Call Link said, "From this exhibition, we want to find foreign buyers who are interested in self nail art."

• Silverstar Chemical introduces polyamide with outstanding flame retardancy and self-extinguishing characteristics

Silverstar Chemical is a company that specializes in producing polyamide hot melt adhesives based on dimer acid. Polyamide can be used in various ways, for car manufacturing, packaging, pavement, woodworking, and LPM. The company is working hard to develop and manufacture the products that meet the customers' needs by running its own R&D center. It has the production facility capable of manufacturing more than 3000MT per year, and it can accommodate the desire lead time of the customers.

The target customers of the company are those who use hot melt. and especially those who use polyamide. Most of the polyamides used in Korea are imported. For the mission to resolve such imbalance, the company succeeded in localizing polyamide hot melt adhesives. Polyamide hot melt adhesives are manufactured in a variety of ways, and can be manufactured to meet the customer needs in various types like stick type, granular type, and block types. It boasts outstanding adhesion and ease of working temperature compared to existing hot melt products (EVA, PO, PE) which could fulfill what polyamide can.

Silverstar Chemical can manufacture polyamides as requested by customers. Polyamide has outstanding flame retardancy and self-extinguishing properties. As for the flame retardancy, the company received V0 grade, which means it does not catch fire. Silverstar Chemical's next plan is to develop eco-friendly products and carbon reduction products.

The company staff said, "We participated in the exhibition to find out about the conditions of the overseas market and meet customers from various industries. We want to find new sales channels."

• Jaesung showcases acrylic adhesive used in adhesive tapes for various industrial fields

Jaesung is a manufacturer that specializes in producing acrylic adhesives applied to various adhesive tapes used in all industrial field. Since its establishment in 1992, the company considered quality management and customer-first mind as the backbone of the company, and has been striving to keep the trust for customers,

The products are widely customized to meet customer needs, and used in various products like labels, notepads, cars, and mobile phones. The company staff also said, "We participated in the exhibition to promote our products and expand exports."

• Chunyang P&B introduced hanji mask made with easy-to-breath natural material and the humidity adjustable hanji wallpaper

Chunyang P&B is Korea's largest hanji manufacturer established in 1966. The company runs a hanji R&D center, and is developing 200 types of hanji. It participated in the Jeonju Hanji Quality Labeling Exhibition, and is a "By Jeonbuk" and "By Jeonju" certified company. It is looking to globalize hanji by exporting overseas. The company is selling and doing business with the medical staff in the business, medical device sellers, and overseas hypermarkets.

The supply and demand have gone up tremendously due to COVID-19 pandemic. As wearing masks has become a regular part of our lives, the problems like skin irritation and environmental pollution due to mask wearing also emerged. The company's hanji mask that can improve such parts is made with eco-friendly material hanji to reduce the environmental pollution and protects the skin parts that comes in contact with the mask. Hanji mask is made of three layers, non-woven fabric, filter, and hanji, and it has gone through liquid resistance test and FDA registration. It is made of natural material that makes it easy to breathe, and it has been tested for antibacterial activity.

As the number of patients with atopic dermatitis is increasing, the company also developed the wallpaper that has humidity control feature. Paper mulberry had been used as the drug effective for skin diseases for a long time, and hanji made of it has excellent ventilation. Also, by controlling the humidity in the air, it creates a pleasant environment regardless of the season. It is antibacterial treated to prevent mold from forming. It has been certified to have environment labeling in Korea. Printing can be done on the wallpaper. Artworks of famous Korean artists and various graphics can be printed for mass manufacturing.

The company staff from Chunyang P&B said, "By showcasing fashion masks made with colored hanji and participating in the exhibition, we are gathering the needs of the consumers and making the masks for export. It became hard for us to find overseas buyers and have export businesses with them, so we are looking for the opportunity for export by participating non-face-to-face in the online exhibition."

• LBest GAT introduces high-quality concrete with high workability and reduced production cost

LBest GAT developed Korea's first polycarboxylate in 1999 and commercialized it in 2001. It has the highest polycarboxylate manufacturing capacity in Korea and India. Also, as the Korean manufacturer, it reached the no. 1 market share in Korean and overseas. The company possesses the broadest and most diverse PCE product group in the industry where there are over 40 types. It is the only PCE water-reducing agent manufacturer that has been selected as a world-class product by the Korean government.

As a new concept of long-term maintenance type water-reducing agent for concrete admixture, the quality is incomparable to the regular short-term maintenance type water-reducing agent. ACYMA-R645 is a new and innovative polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent that improves the slump retention performance of concrete. This new flow control concept provides benefits to admixture and concrete producers in many application areas. Outstanding concrete viscosity and workability minimizes concrete bleeding and creates long slump life without drastically increasing slump flow.

LBest GAT's products provide the ability to provide high-quality concrete at any time. These products make the concrete production easy with improved concrete workability and low water/cement ratio. Also, production cost can be reduced by optimizing the mixed design for the cement type and aggregate composition.

The company staff from LBest GAT said, "We are very pleased to join the newly created business platform by the Korean government. We want to use this opportunity as a better virtual marketing, and we are planning to invite experts from various countries to introduce our reputable products. We will raise the trust by using the market change as a great opportunity to take the lead in all business activities that contribute to social development."

2021 K-chemical Cyber Exhibition supports non-face-to-face overseas marketing for Korean companies. The exhibition boasts the largest display of industrial chemical products (varnish, glue, surfactants, MDI, polybutene, polyol, catalyst, blowing agent, additive, pipe, plastic for daily use, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sun block, serum, ampoule, skin toner, lotion, shampoo, mask pack, etc.) in Korea. This year, about 270 companies will be participating to provide their major products and services.

Especially in this exhibition, 3D technology-based exhibition hall and booth will be set up to showcase special contents made of chemical products for online marketing to overseas buyers.

Currently in Korea, major industries like electronics and automobiles centered on chemical industry are closely linked. In line with this, Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association (KSCIA), the organizer of the event, is helping the Korean chemical companies to enter the overseas market by various support like export, research and analysis, technical standards, and HDR support as well as handling international agreements. This year's goal is to achieve 330 million dollars in export in the chemical industry.

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