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Lockdown Innovation: Pull This to Poop Better... Less Constipation & Fewer Hemorrhoids!

Simple physics engages larger abdominal muscles for faster & easier bowel movements

The law of the teeter-totter from simple physics is applied to make toilet time easier by engaging the bigger abdominal muscles. This means less constipation, reduced pushing & fewer hemorrhoids.

    HOUSTON, TX, March 24, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A particularly slow time on the toilet during lockdown gave rise to an "A-ha!" moment and invention of the PUDU Stick™ -- a device using simple physics to better engage the larger abdominal muscles during the bowel movement, with astounding results.

Until now, only the small muscles in the immediate vicinity of the rectum are engaged with any effectiveness during the bowel movement. In cases of constipation or bowel slowness, doctors recommend changes in diet (eat more fiber), fluids (drink more water) and exercise (get more movement). In more severe cases, laxatives, injections and enemas may also be prescribed, none of which are overwhelmingly popular with the user.

The PUDU Stick changes all that by enabling the user to engage their primary abdominal muscles in support of small muscle activity at the rectum. By pulling on the handle, the upward force exerted is leveraged across the arms to contract the primary abdominal muscles, providing additional downward compression on the lower abdomen. This helps the small muscles at the rectum, simplifying and speeding the bowel movement.

Roland Heersink, inventor of the PUDU Stick and US patent applicant, tells it like this: "Following another unhealthy day of COVID lockdown, I found myself flexing my arms in desperation on the toilet to get the business done. Then it hit me - - if I could pull up on something with my arms, I might leverage that force via the teeter-totter principle and engage my larger upper abdominals for additional downward force. That squeezes the lower internals nice and tight, making the whole poop process a lot easier & faster. After some design iterations and a few months of testing, the PUDU Stick is ready for everyone!"

Heersink went on to say that the PUDU Stick is not just for the problem bowel movement.

Engaging the larger abdominal muscles eliminates excess pushing by the small muscles in the lower cavity, reducing the risk of hemorrhoid aggravation or new tissue damage. In addition, the easier bowel maneuvers afforded by PUDU Stick reduce the need for supplements and laxatives for many. All of this made possible by applying the basic laws of physics to the lowly bowel movement!

A simple at-home test verifies the claims. Seated on the toilet, place both feet on one end of a towel, belt or rope. Pull up on the other end, resting your forearms (or elbows) on your legs. With your back straight, leverage the upwards pulling energy across the elbows and into a downward compression of your abs. As long as the towel doesn't slide around and you have an adequate grip, there will be an immediate and noticeable benefit to your bowel movement.

An Indiegogo campaign for the PUDU Stick launches today at: Additional further information and a press kit can be found online at

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