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Real Salvator Mundi NFTs

World's most expensive painting becomes the source for newest entry in the blockchain marketplace.

Real Salvator Mundi(TM) NFT has an opening minted total value of $4.5 Billion dollars, making it 10 times the record breaking price acheived by the [Leonardo da Vinci] painting in 2017.

    NEW YORK, NY, March 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Salvator Mundi, the world's most expensive painting has entered a new era as the source for the latest NFT. Created by Real Salvator Mundi (Real Salvator Mundi LLC), and minted as a multiple of 450,000,000, reflecting the historic price achieved at auction in 2017, buyers can now own a Real Salvator Mundi(TM) NFT at the opening price of just $10.

Real Salvator Mundi(TM) NFT has an opening minted total value of $4.5 Billion dollars, making it 10 times the record breaking price acheived by the painting in 2017, attributed to renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci. Following the success of its cryptocurrency, Mundicoin, which was bought in 2020 by Europe's largest asset management company, Amundi, for an undisclosed amount, the Real Salvator Mundi(TM) NFT brand looks to become as recognized and desired, as well as significantly contributing to the ongoing Salvator Mundi story.

Real Salvator Mundi(TM) NFT's are available on the digitl platform, the peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital items and crypto collectibles.
Link: Real Salvator Mundi NFT

The Salvator Mundi story:
On November 15, 2017, history was made when a painting titled Salvator Mundi, attributed to the great renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci, completely shattered all records by selling at Christie's auction house in NYC for just over 450 million dollars. The painting, dated from around 1500 and lost for many years, was thought to be rediscovered in 2005 underneath multiple layers of overpainting, torn and decayed by worm holes and originally purchased for $1,100. Over the next 6 years it was meticulously reworked and restored led by conservation expert Diane Dwyer Modestini at New York University. The restored piece was then first displayed in London's National Gallery's 2011 major exhibition on da Vinci's work and sparked much debate regarding its authenticity, quality and value. Presently the painting is reported to be in the private possession of winning bidder from the 2017 Christie's auction, Saudi Arabian crowned Prince Muhammad bin Salman. Its exact whereabouts, however, remain unknown.

Real Salvator Mundi LLC:
Created in 2017, Real Salvator Mundi is the brand extension of the Salvator Mundi painting and story, and is the nom de guerre project of artist Elliott Arkin. Real Salvator Mundi creates Salvator Mundi® items ranging from wines, coffees, pasta sauces, tapestries, paintings, jewelry, artworks, cryptocurrencies, playing cards, toys, fashions, and much more plus, the Salvator Mundi Museum of Art.

The Salvator Mundi will forever be the subject of much interest, intrigue and debate regarding quality, authenticity, and value. However, there is only one Real Salvator Mundi. Now you can own a real Salvator Mundi® too!

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