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TOLEY RANZ- The Awesome Mascot Of Tolerance Is What Pushback Against Challenging Times Looks Like For Kids and Parents Going Forward Strongly

Never Before Was There A Relatable Figure Representing Tolerance with its Life-Changing Values. Now There Is Toley Ranz Helping Kids and Parents to Rise Above and Beyond That 'Virtual' Life Style.

TOLEY RANZ- The Awesome Mascot Of Tolerance Reaches the Soul of a Child and Transforms a Life

    SEDONA, AZ, April 05, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Many basic values fall by the way side in stressful times, mostly for kids because they know that 'the something' is missing they used to have. It is the human necessity to physically connect and touch.

Step in Toley Ranz with kindness, open-mindedness, and understanding, functioning as 'the third party' raising the bar for kids in "peer learning and teaching". Moreover, manifested in the 3-in-1 book "The Psst-psst of Toley Ranz" one discovers the program's learning and teaching philosophies, based on helping any child to carry emotional burden.

This methodical, ingenious approach to relieving children's fear and anxieties, is a one-of-a-kind tactic not found in today's market. The talking plush doll Toley Ranz represents the inner most voice of a every Child, emulating the founders' slogan "Reach the Soul of a Child-Transform a Life".

Opening minds and hearts, and awakening curiosity in life, is what pushback against challenging, uncertain times looks like. Just imagine that there is a soft, cuddly plush doll has the ability to keep children's emotional well-being going strong. Such is the power of TOLEY RANZ.

"We never had a figure or character representing tolerance, now we do in TOLEY RANZ" said host Brad Perry on AZTV7's 'Arizona Morning Mix" program continuing that he believes Toley Ranz needs to be a cartoon "so it can reach children everywhere".

In a brilliant and successful move, veteran educator, author and Life Coach Anke Otto-Wolf transfers her philosophies and teachings from SEDONA SOUL BALANCE, the award-winning Self-Empowerment Strategy for adults, to her newest achievement, the TOLEY RANZ Program; a dazzling approach to helping parents with effective anti-bullying strategies.

"During these hardship times, too many of us are uprooted, insecure, lose confidence and have a most difficult time to be supportive of our children and protect them. It is a feeling, a sentiment of being in a war," says Otto-Wolf who grew up in post WWII divided Germany.

Since its initial launch, this unique Stop Bullying program has helped countless kids and families to find a way out of emotional dread. TOLEY RANZ Stops Bullying Program is especially designed for the youngest children (preK-4), to assist them in growing into resilient teens. The program strongly promotes the sense of belonging, feeling special and wanted. Ergo, kids feel joyful again. Come TOLEY RANZ with us!

Anke Otto-Wolf, founder of the Toley Ranz Stops Bullying, created the program as an after-school activity for inner-city schools where she taught. In the meantime, Toley Ranz has expanded nationally, was embraced by the name-sake Foundation (501c3) in 2019, provides a weekly podcast, is being featured in regular TV interviews on AZTV7, and serves communities to prevent bullying and abuse. Toley Ranz Founder Anke Otto-Wolf serves as the Executive Director of the Foundation.

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