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Gulf Region Practice Launched

Avenador Opens Dubai Office

    SINGAPORE, April 07, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Leading Asia-Pacific blockchain consultancy Avenador is pleased to announce the imminent launch of its Gulf Region Practice, which will be headquartered in Dubai. The Gulf Region Practice will bring the considerable Business Development, Legal & Regulatory and Strategic Planning expertise and reputation that Avenador already has in the Asia-Pacific Region to the Gulf State Region.

The blockchain sector has exploded in the Gulf State Region over the last year. Greg Limon, CEO of Avenador and Business Development lead, says that establishing a Practice in the Gulf Region is a natural next step for Avenador after a string of triumphs in Asia. "The Gulf Region, with Dubai at its epicenter, is now a clear blockchain front-runner, especially since everywhere else has imposed restrictive COVID-19 related lockdowns that have stifled their blockchain innovation. In the blink of an eye, Dubai has displaced former blockchain hot spots such as Switzerland, Malta, Hong Kong and even Singapore - so we have shifted our focus to where it makes the most business sense."

Legal Practice lead Mr. Marc Kevin Swickle added: "The Gulf Region is an interesting place to both pursue and base blockchain businesses due to the multitude of jurisdictional choices available there. Whereas the USA has a 'one size fits all' regulatory philosophy, which can dampen blockchain innovation, the UAE has a more laissez-faire approach, with different Emirates and even Free Zones within Emirates all competing, which leads to more options being available. One example is the DMCC, which recently created a special program just to cater to the needs of blockchain companies who want to list digital assets. This regulatory development, along with many others, signals a clear intention on the part of Dubai to support blockchain in ways that no other jurisdiction has delivered thus far."

Strategic Practice lead Professor Graham Leach says: "The sheer number of different blockchain projects now coming into the Gulf Region is simply staggering, and they are being made to feel most welcome. The royal families of the UAE and Saudi Arabia have produced between them a diversity of innovation ecosystems along state-directed, state-supported and emergent innovation models that cater to every need. This wholehearted support for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in general, and blockchain in particular, makes the Gulf Region the most exciting place to be on earth right now if you are a blockchain-oriented person or company."

Avenador offers a wide range of blockchain-oriented services including Business Development, Legal & Regulatory and Strategic Planning. More information about Avenador is available at

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