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Women Ask For Less: How To Break Gender Stereotypes and Deal With It?

An average woman continues to earn just 81 cents for every dollar a man earns. There are many reasons why this situation takes place in the XXI century, but the main problem consists in asking for less.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, April 13, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When women do ask for a raise they typically request 30% less than men do.

How to break gender stereotypes and deal with this situation? The Power of Negotiation for Women - is the one-day online interactive workshop developed by B2B sales couch and Liinea founder Karina Collis. No more "I'm happy with your initial offer"! No more silence! Develop new negotiation skills for women!

Why is there a wide gender pay gap?

Gender stereotypes: people are conditioned from childhood by social norms. Many girls are taught not to focus on their self-interests. They're taught to be good team players, to be good for the group, not for themselves. "Good" girl won't be ambitious and pushy. "Good" girl asks for less because she's afraid of a damaged reputation.

Fear of risk: men are bigger risk-takers than women. But willingness to take risks are vital in financial growth. If we don't dare to negotiate, we omit the opportunity to achieve career growth or/and better salary.

Our stereotypes about reputation: if a woman in the workplace goes after her interests with full ambition, she may be seen as "bossy" or "too demanding". So, many women are afraid of damaged reputation and choose silence.

How to develop negotiation skills?

Aim as high as possible

If a woman asks for less, no one will pay her more. You should analyse offers from different employers for specialists like you (taking into account your background, experience, skills and useful knowledge) and research how much you really deserve. And don't fear aiming as high as possible, - in this way you can demonstrate your negotiation skills.

Be prepared for "no"

You should be prepared not only for "yes", but also for "no". You shouldn't settle for an unhappy situation, - that's why it will be better to have a plan. Maybe, you will be able to offer alternatives and the discussion will continue, - you should also be prepared for it.

Be confident

Easy to advise, but not to realize. However, you should remember that you deserve just as much as men. How to become confident? Practise, attempt and don't be afraid. The more confident you are, the more chances you have to win the negotiation!

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