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FETA | A Charity-Based Decentralized & Deflationary Platform With Non-Custodial Staking

    LONDON, ENGLAND, April 14, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- FETA translates to Fun, Ethical Triangular Altcoin working as a DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform has non-custodial staking functions combined with a charity support system. The users will get recurrent rewards for holding the FETA tokens in a wallet which is based on the automatic distribution system delivering on the platform's ability to support the community.

The Three Tiered Distribution System
The platform wants to help the community build a sustainable future relying on a stable cryptocurrency network that acts as a store of value and increases the same progressively. FETA provides a safe system for the users to invest and earn.

As per its system, 9% of every transaction is distributed in three ways. Three equal shares of 3% of the transaction goes to the holders, burn address, and to charity. This mechanism is applicable to all the on-chain transactions.

Hence, every user holding any amount of FETA will get 3% of every transaction distributed among the holders. FETA is also a deflationary platform as it includes a burning mechanism.

3% of the transacted amount on-chain is sent to the burn address, which continuously decreases the total token supply and increases the overall value. Also, FETA has a capped supply of 333,333,333 tokens which will be regularly burnt based on every transaction.

The last 3% of the FETA tokens in the transaction amount are sent to the FETA charity wallet. The charity amount will be distributed to a physical world institution, and the decision for the same will be taken by the community giving FETA a decentralized governance system.

Non-Custodial Staking with FETA
The FETA cryptocurrency offers non-custodial staking, which means that the platform developers will not decide what happens with the user's assets. The users will be rewarded with new FETA tokens with every transaction based on the existing amount of tokens in the wallet.

Furthermore, 79% of the FETA tokens are available for the community, and the entire pool of tokens are available for the users as liquidity.

About FETA
The FETA token is a decentralized, deflationary, trustless ecosystem working on the Binance Smart Chain. The users holding FETA token will get automatic rewards via the token distribution system that ensures 3% of every on-chain transaction amount is sent to the user's wallet depending on the number of token every user has. The platform is built by Crypto chiefs with an aim to make it a sustainable and secure platform for the future.

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