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Intuitive Healer Sandra Lee Offers Engaging Zoom Sessions For Achieving Optimal Health Goals

Sandra Lee is an experienced intuitive healer with knowledge of modalities that help people heal their bodies and minds.

    PENTICTON, BC, April 20, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For more than 25 years, Sandra Lee has helped people function better and thrive through her intuitive healing methods. Now, in these challenging pandemic times, she offers engaging Zoom sessions for her clients. She inspires people to discover emotional clarity about their priorities and a renewed life purpose.

Her company, Miracle Inspirations Inc., helps people release the stress and overwhelm that are rampant in today's world. She helps her clients find freedom from physical pain, and from the limitations that can result from injury and trauma. Clients can optimize their ability to lead a vital, active, and satisfying life.

With her expertise in the field of intuitive healing, Sandra is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and Human Design Specialist.

In these trying times, Sandra's Biofield Tuning sessions inspire people to work towards their optimal health goals and find empowering solutions for the problems that weigh on their shoulders. People walk around with a lifetime of stored trauma in their bodies, not knowing how to unload their burdens. Their emotional and physical health are the first to suffer. Their ability to reach for and achieve significant goals can also be severely impaired.

Energy work is known to heal the body, mind, and heart. Massage therapy is terrific at resolving pain and tension. While doing massage, Sandra developed the ability to identify and work with areas of blocked energy. Now that she is a Biofield Tuning Practitioner, these skills have developed into powerful and effective energetic abilities. Combining intention with sound from tuning forks, blocked, chaotic energies are given a chance to realign, flow, and heal.

In addition to personal sessions with individual clients, Sandra offers Biofield Tuning Group Sessions on a subscription basis. These focus healing in several areas of life, including health, happiness, relationships, work, business, and success. Many in Sandra's community are particularly appreciative of what she shares about healthy eating.

Sandra believes that blocked energy in or around the body causes chaos. This can eventually compromise the body, mind, and emotional state. Emotional trauma and stress are intimately bound into the body's physical pain and limitations. The human energy field, also called the Biofield, or aura, is inherently self healing. When Sandra discovers blocked or chaotic energy, using sound, she gently encourages the energy to become coherent, to flow, and to align. Simultaneously, stress and overwhelm release, and stored trauma resolves. This helps Sandra's clients manage their day-to-day experiences with ease and have a better hold on their life's purpose. Energy flows, and the mind and body feel secure and at peace.

Intuitive healing is about more than just getting rid of chaotic energy, it is about releasing inner strength and gifts. With healing and development, the body can build strength and receive gifts with proper guidance and grace. All of this begins when the person reaches a place of wellness through constant dedication and persistence. Hence, with her practice in professional healing, Sandra Lee wishes to make a difference in the lives of her clients through her expertise and knowledge of human philosophy.

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