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Healer Nancy Lynne Harris Offers '12 Steps to Healing Without Medicine' Program

Nancy Harris' groundbreaking medical program serves as training and counseling for healing medically incurable illnesses. It offers people relief from physical or emotional pain, dysfunction, illness, and disease.

    EUGENE, OR, April 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A., the renowned energy healer and spiritual teacher trained in the Inca of the Americas tradition, is the founder of GodSpirits United, LLC. This program, christened "12 Steps to Healing Without Medicine," as outlined in her book, Miracles Master the Art: Healing Medically Incurable Illness, empowers the physically, mentally, and emotionally weary to find an inspirational approach to wellness.

This spiritually driven program elucidates the power of one's own thoughts and their impact on one's body, all while outlining a step-by-step solution to transforming one's mental and physical health. This 12-Step Program offers thought-provoking insights to recognize one's negative patterns of thinking, enabling one to break this cycle consciously to rise above the illnesses reflecting on the body.

"Your body resembles a thermometer that aptly registers both your positive or negative attitudes and feelings," says Nancy Harris. "In this 12-Step Program, you are taught how to discover the negative words that have caused your illness and it shows you how to consciously reverse them in a precise manner. I believe this program will also encourage you to have an Illumination, a Soul Retrieval, and a Seven Chakra Illumination to clean your body of invisible negative energy and unwanted attachments, setting your soul free to relish the wonders that this life has to offer."

Harris is a graduate of The Four Winds Society, founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and has also studied with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Dr. Hank Wesselman, and James Van Praagh. She graduated as a Spiritual Teacher from the Eschatology Foundation in Los Angeles. In 2020, she was awarded Top Shaman/Spiritual Teacher of the Year by IAOTP (International Assn. of Top Professionals). Harris asked Spirit to let her serve when she realized she was healing chronic, medically incurable illnesses because of her deep understanding of how to cause spiritual energy to move. She specializes in teaching people how to heal themselves of depression, alcoholism, mental illness, and glaucoma.

Nancy Harris teaches how we, on an essential level, are made of Light Energy, which can be controlled by learning to monitor your feelings. She healed her son Michael from congenital glaucoma, which the doctors said could never be medically healed. She also healed herself when her left femur disconnected from her hip bone shortly after the suicide death of her son Jeffrey. By affirming, "Nothing can separate me from the Love of God," her bones perfectly reconnected.

Providing an enhanced perspective on divine guidance, Nancy Harris has authored five books: Miracles Master the Art: Healing Medically Incurable Illness; Mental Illness Heal Yourself; Invasion Revealed: Healing Alcoholism, Mental Illness & Drug Addiction; Heal Yourself of Anything Example Glaucoma; COMI: How to Consciously Overcome Mental Illness. These must-reads, recommended by the US Review of Books, are also available for purchase on her website and from

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