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CarGuard Administration Proves the Value of Vehicle Service Contracts

CarGuard Administration is providing unbeatable value through its vehicle service contracts.

    SCOTTSDALE, AZ, April 26, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Vehicle service contracts tend to leave a bitter taste in the mouths of car buyers.

On the one hand, they appear to be unnecessary. If you just rolled a new Porsche off of the showroom floor, are you going to need to think about repairs and replacements? Are you going to want to?

It's like shopping for life insurance when you're in your twenties. It's easy to think "why bother?" The point, however, is often missed. Rather than being a prophecy of failure, a vehicle service contract is a guarantee of performance.

The Worst Can Happen to The Best

A vehicle service contract like the Gold plan from CarGuard Administration isn't there to imply that something might be wrong with your new car. Rather, it's a guarantee that you will keep going down the road if anything goes wrong with the car itself.

Cars aren't like the human body which can go a long time with faulty parts. All it takes is one defective or fragile component that made it into the final build at the factory ato render such a large investment useless.

A vehicle service contract covers that possible faulty part.

A Vehicle Service Contract Isn't Extra Car Insurance

That car insurance policy you've got isn't covering your car. It's covering your car's interaction with other drivers. And it's also acting as a watchdog for your interactions with other cars.

If you got in a wreck in the next five minutes, your policy covers who is at fault. Any repairs to the car are a side benefit of the policy.

100% coverage of your car itself can only come from a vehicle service contract.

A Vehicle Service Contract is Affordable

Or rather, it's much more affordable than the alternative, which is an emergency repair. The expense of such a thing isn't measured in just dollars and cents.

The average household is a paycheck and a small disaster away from severe financial struggles. An inoperative vehicle can fit that bill of a small disaster. The money required to get the thing repaired on top of the money lost from not getting to work will add up quickly, and with some people's finances, there's no room for playing catch-up.

Keep Some Resale Value in Your Car

No matter whether it's a used rustbucket or a brand new Firebird, a car's rate of depreciation will always be poor.

A vehicle service contract strives to slow this enormous rate. Many such contracts are transferrable, so imagine how that would look on the receiving end: A good quality, used vehicle plus a guarantee that it will stay that way.

Buyer Beware

Obviously, not everyone that promises you a good vehicle service contract is looking out for your best interests. Just like offers for loans, you need to shop around and evaluate credentials.

CarGuard Administration has a solid track record in the industry, both in their pricing and in their delivery. Run by people that have experience working with customers to provide the best service available, CarGuard Administration is our choice for a vehicle service contract provider.

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