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Veritas Global Protection Starts to Make a Case for VSCs

Veritas Global Protection explains why Vehicle Service Contracts are needed

    BOCA RATON, FL, April 27, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- How would you feel if someone at your baby shower started talking about making funeral arrangements for the baby, you know, just in case things don't go as planned?

Some people seem to feel that way when they're offered a vehicle service contract as soon as they buy a car. It's new. It's shiny. It's full of life. Why mention something like a vehicle service contract?

Veritas Global Protection wants you to take a minute to think about how it could be worse to go without a vehicle service contract.

People get struck by lightning. A few of them get struck twice. People get hit by meteors. Sinkholes open up beneath people's homes. The odds are astronomical, but they happen. And nobody can believe that it could happen to them when it actually does.

It's possible to drive a car off the dealer's lot with a faulty part that will cause significant problems soon. That's where a vehicle service contract comes in. You can't ward off meteors and lightning bolts, but you can take this step to protect yourself from emergency repairs.

Veritas Global Protection sees it repeatedly: People think that a vehicle service contract is a subtle way of saying that there's something wrong with the car. It's the other way around. It's a way of saying that your car will be fixed and taken care of if it turns out that there's something wrong with the car.

No prophecy of doom here. Just a guarantee of function and future care.

If you were driving down the highway and your car suddenly broke down, what would happen if you called your car insurance company to make a claim?

They would ask you who was at fault. You would tell them nobody was at fault since the car just died.

And just like that, your car insurance isn't going to cover your problem.

Car insurance covers people, not problems.

Vehicle service contracts cover problems, not people. Like car insurance, Veritas Global Protection offers a variety of plans that suit each person and their budget.

It's hit and miss when you take someone's word for it that the car you're buying off of them won't give you any trouble. However, if you were offered a vehicle service contract that has followed the car for its whole life, it would be easier to put faith in the quality of the car.

Some vehicle service contracts are transferable like that. They could actually boost the resale value of your car. Veritas Global Protection offers some contracts that can be transferred with the sale of the car.

It's not too late to get a vehicle service contract for your vehicle. You can start with Veritas Global Protection by visiting them at, or you can shop around a bit.

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