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LCI Develops and Manufactures the Total Solution for Live Cell Imaging

Live Cell Instrument (LCI) is a highly experienced company specialized in developing and manufacturing scientific instruments and laboratory consumables to the bio industry.

Live Cell Instrument (LCI) is a highly experienced company specialized in developing and manufacturing scientific instruments and laboratory consumables to the bio industry.

    SEOUL, KOREA, May 01, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Founded 2004, Live Cell Instrument (LCI) aims to be a global bio instrument & consumable company. In their mission to provide state-of-the-art technology to the bio industry and helping bio companies achieve their scientific breakthrough, they are in continuous collaboration with global renowned companies and laboratories for innovative technologies. The company also receive support from domestic research partners including Cho, Yoon Kyoung (Integrated Nano-Biotech Lab., UNIST), Heo, Won Do (Bio-Imaging & Optogenetics Lab., KAIST), Jeon, Noo Li (Biomedical Engineering Lab., SNU), Chang, Sung Hoe (Lab. of Neural Functions and Bio-imaging, SNU MEDICINE).

LCI's engineers are experts in biology and in mechanical and electronic engineering. The product catalog includes:

Live Cell Incubating Systems aim to establish physiological conditions for long-term cell growth by precisely optimized temperature, humidity, and pH that leads you to acquire reliable results. There systems to choose from depending on the experiments that suit your microscope stage.

Stage-top Incubator System T is an intuitive and integrated system, maintains all essential parameters in a physiological state and ensures optimal experimental conditions for cell viability on the microscope for the purpose of "happiness for the cells and success for researchers". It provides precise controlled conditions including optimized temperature, humidity, CO2, and optional O2 levels for long-term live cell imaging with various Magnetic Imaging Chambers fitted perfectly.
Stage-top Incubator System TC creates a stable cell environment by maintaining proper temperature, humidity, and pH over the long term.
Cage Incubator System HX provides precise and synchronized temperature control of microscope and various peripherals. It is recommended to super-resolution microscopy that is extremely sensitive to temperature and experiments that use high- magnification lens, microinjection and various devices.
Gas Mixer
LCI manufactures a range of gas mixer to meet the needs of CO2, O2 and N2 gas supply with precise control by PID system.
Automatic CO2 /Air Mixer produces CO2 /Air mixed gas from 100% CO2 gas cylinder and ambient air.
Automatic CO2/O2/N2 Mixer produces mixed gas from 100% CO2, 100& O2, 100% and N2 gas cylinders

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High-contents Live Cell Imaging System is for high-contents imaging and analytical tools that are highly tailorable and making it easy to evolve your system alongside your research quick and effortless.
Image ExFluorer is a turnkey solution for live cell imaging and analysis platform that enables user to observe and capture cellular dynamics over the time with a flexible fluorescent microscope. The featured options and modules provide flexible scalability to address your research needs with wide range of filters and objectives in fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield, and phase contracts imaging channels for maximum application reach.

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Heating Control System provides accurate temperature control to maintaining sensitive thermal condition
Heating Glass generates heat to maintain the condition of various types of chambers.
Heating plate generates accurate temperature to uniformly distribute heat on plate.
Fluidic Inline Heater suggests effective and simple way to inject perfusion solution using in-line heating system.

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Magnetic Imaging Chamber
LCI Chamber is designed to meet various imaging experiments. It allows the user to observe high resolution images from the bottom coverslip of the chamber.
CHAMLIDE Bottom-glass type
Required to control the temperature, CO2 concentration and humidity in the chamber
CHAMLIDE Perfusion opened type
For small volume-perfusion or rapid perfusion
CHAMLIDE Perfusion close type
Usable with the exterior manipulator or able to inject some solutions

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LCI's products are dedicated to experiments of live cell imaging; Bio-instrument including Customized Microscopy system, Stage-top Incubator system, Anti-vibration platform, IVF, Environmental control system, Heating glass and plate, stage adapter, Bio Consumables including imaging chambers, special well plates and culture dishes.

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Integrated incubator system of LCI's high-contents imaging system, Image ExFluorer, provides precise control of CO₂, O₂, and humidity for your long-term live cell imaging.