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Rowket Market: A NFT Marketplace for Creators and Collectors on the BSC with Affordability and Fast Transactions

    LISBON, PORTUGAL, April 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Built on the Binance Smart Chain due to its affordability and high speed, Rowket is a community-first NFT marketplace giving a new way to the artists for promoting and selling their work. The platform has a unique artist incubator program built to give maximum exposure to the artists, further bringing the benefits of higher sales at cost-effective transaction costs. As a marketplace, Rowket aims to become the one-stop destination for artists and NFT collectors. To further explore the utility of NFTs, Rowket has built the NFT loans mechanism, where the NFT assets are represented by BEP20 Tokens.

NFT Marketplace on BSC

Exploring the NFT system, Rowket provides access to a decentralized marketplace that is built on the Binance Smart Chain, strengthening the system with its own in-house infrastructure. The users engaging with the Rowket marketplace can mint, buy, and sell their NFTs to the community at lower costs and higher speed. The NFT marketplace will primarily deal in different types of art forms, and the NFTs will be minted based on different categories. The Independent Artists can also sell and mint their digital arts without incubating themselves. The artists getting access to the platform with incubation will get additional curation support. The launch of Marketplace is today.

A Novel Way for Artists To Flourish | Artist Incubation

The Artist Incubation will act as a support structure for the digital creators by connecting them with collectors. To this end, the Rowket Market is akin to a unique launchpad for the creators, helping them share, promote, and distribute their work on the platform powered by BSC.

Artist Incubation will lead to doxxing of the creators to authenticate their work before it becomes available to the collectors. Once done, the artists and their work will be showcased under the limited edition curated work system on the platform's homepage to help them get maximum visibility for 72 hours.

To get the benefit of incubation, the artists need to register through the website. Only once the artists are accepted, their work will be showcased on the platform. Rowket Market is working to bring the artists and digital creators on the mainstream and give access to an interest-led community of collectors, giving the artists a better way to earn and grow.

Lending NFTs on Rowket Market

Rowket Market has brought yet another innovative mechanism to operationalize NFT lending by integrating NFT20 and NFTX. Both these protocols are aimed at bringing the ability to interchange with other assets, which is otherwise not possible with Non Fungible Tokens.

The user's NFTs on the Rowket Market will be pooled together, and the same will be represented by the BEP20 tokens. Since they are tokens, they can be easily exchanged and traded in the open market, thereby bringing fungibility to the NFTs.

Not only this, each BEP20 token converted from the NFTs can claim a share in the pool. Consequently, the same can also be staked as collateral, ultimately creating a mechanism for getting loans with the NFTs.

About Rowket Market

Rowket Market is a cumulative platform offering systems for NFT collectors, Artists, and marketers. The users of Rowket Market can sell, mint, and buy NFTs. They also have the option to stake the NFTs indirectly by converting them into BEP20 tokens. The platform provides a mechanism to take and get trustless loans, by keeping the same NFTs as collateral.

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