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Cetera Vitae Launches Concierge Staffing Service in US Market

Supporting the Silent Sentry in Back Surgery

"Cetera Vitae was created to provide technologists with the tools and business support they need while offering recruiting services to healthcare employers." Dr. Tara Stewart, Cetera Vitae CEO

    NEW YORK, NY, May 04, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Cetera Vitae launches its nationwide concierge staffing services to provide Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring technologists and other allied health technologists to healthcare employers while providing business support services to allied health technologists.

The new venture capitalizes on the growing niche of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring, or IONM. IONM uses cutting-edge neuroscience, healthcare technology, and telemedicine to monitor the nervous system during surgeries where spine and brain function are at risk. iData reports that over 1.62 million spine instrumentation surgeries are performed each year, many of which have an IONM technologist in the room monitoring the patient's spine. Cetera Vitae centers on assisting those IONM technologists along with neurodiagnostic and radiology technologists with their job assignments. "Everybody in America knows somebody or has heard of somebody who has had back surgery. What they don't know is that I, or a technologist like me, was in that room with them watching their back during their surgery," says Dr. Stewart, Cetera Vitae CEO. "IONM technologists use the latest technology to watch little electrical signals generated by neurons and to follow those signals as they travel through the body. If something happens to the signals, we can report to the surgeon what and where the problem is in real-time. We are the silent sentries protecting your neural function during surgery."

Cetera Vitae (pronounced set-er-uh vee-tay) developed out of founder Stewart's 16 years of experience as a global expert in surgical neurophysiology. Stewart, whose Ph.D. specialization is in neuroanatomy, switched over to IONM neurophysiology to apply her neuroscience skills in real-time surgical settings performing IONM.

As a board member for the American Society of Neurophysiological Monitoring and the American Board of Neurophysiologic Monitoring, and an active member of the North American Spine Society IONM committee, Stewart possesses the unique perspective of scientist, certified neurological intraoperative monitoring technologist, and entrepreneur. "Cetera Vitae was created to provide technologists with the tools and business support they need while offering recruiting and staffing services to healthcare employers. With Cetera Vitae, IONM technologists and other clinical technologists can focus on what they do best which is patient care."

In 2014, Stewart joined the Qatar Foundation visionary Children's hospital project, Sidra Medical, where she helped to establish Qatar's first pediatric neurodiagnostic laboratory. There she met Bang Alcantara, a veteran physician recruiter with 14 years' experience recruiting from twenty-one countries within Joint Commission International or JCI-accredited hospitals in the Middle East.

Alcantara, who has a degree in Radiologic Technology, and Stewart reunited to form Cetera Vitae in 2020 when COVID-19 cases spiked, and elective surgeries were put on hold. "IONM technologists were furloughed which disrupted the labor market. Technologists and healthcare employers are now searching for a way forward in a dynamic employment landscape. Bang and I want to offer them a new alternative."

"Since Cetera Vitae uses a digital-first approach to find solutions for the real world, we were inspired to represent this through the icon," says Stewart. "The Cetera Vitae icon represents the letters C and V, and loosely resembles a geolocation pin. In popular culture, the pin icon goes beyond simple map usage and often represents de-digitization. (i.e., something from the digital world crossing over to the physical)."

The icon's color palette reflects Cetera Vitae's ethos. "We chose the icon's primary shade, opal because it characterizes the pleasant and helpful nature of our brand. The opal shade also represents freedom and independence. Mint is a color that brings to mind trust and reliability," says Stewart.

Cetera Vitae, or CV, derives its name from curriculum vitae (CV), a credential-based summary of an employment candidate's experiences and skills, typically for academia, science, or healthcare.

For more information on Cetera Vitae's staffing services or technologist business support service, visit or call 332-228-2501.

Cetera Vitae is a concierge staffing service providing Interoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring technologists and other allied health technologists to healthcare employers, and provides business support services to allied health technologists.

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