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AAA Public Adjusters Talks About Saving Energy

Tips to save energy in the home

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, May 07, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- During colder months gas bills go up. The reasons for this are: the homeowner, the house, and the weather. While homeowners cannot control the weather, they can control things within their home. Here are some tips to keep the gas bill down in the winter:

Utility Room:
When and if it is possible the homeowner should upgrade their appliances to the most efficient models. A new furnace that is energy star rated can save 20%. Additionally, a new water heater can save the homeowner about 25% in energy usage. A professional should inspect a gas furnace every year to make sure it is running properly and efficiently.

Another measure that can be taken is to set the thermostat to 68 during the day and 60 at night. Each degree above that will increase the energy usage by 3%.

Laundry Room:
Loads of laundry should be full loads. A large load uses far less energy than doing several smaller loads of laundry. When using the washing machine, cold water should be used whenever possible.

The dryer should be used back to back to make the most use out already heated inside. Additionally, the lint filter should be cleaned out after every load. A clogged filter will prevent the dryer from working efficiently.

When an appliance breaks down the homeowner should invest in energy efficient models.

When using the oven, the door should be kept closed until food is ready to be taken out. Opening the door while the oven is still in use lets 20% of the heat out of the oven.

Foods that are frozen should be defrosted in the refrigerator before being cooked. This reduces the time the food takes to cook.

When there is frost in the freezer, the appliance works harder. If the frost build-up exceeds a quarter inch, then the freezer should be defrosted.

The dishwasher should only be run on a full load.

Again, when the appliance breaks, the homeowner should switch to energy efficient models.

Rest of the House:
Any cracks found in the exterior or interior of the home should be filled in with caulk or expanding foam. This will help to seal in warm and cold air. Areas that the homeowner should inspect are window and door frames, where pipes connect to the home, and where the concrete basement walls meet the wood framing of the home.

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