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First Choice Restoration Discusses Fire Safety

Fire Safety at Work

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, May 07, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Fire safety is important in homes, public places, schools, or businesses. However, in a business, it is every employee's responsibility to keep the environment safe.

9 Workplace Fire Safety Tips:
-Workplace Clutter – Workspaces should be kept clean, organized, and free of clutter. Papers and boxes are flammable and can restrict emergency exits.
-Equipment – Appliances that emit heat should be kept away from flammable materials. Chemicals should be kept away from all heat sources.
-Electrical Safety – Electrical cords should be inspected periodically and should be serviced or replaced as needed.
-Power Outages – Power outlets should not be overloaded with too many cords. Plugs should fit in the outlet without force.
-Emergency Exits – Everyone in the building should be aware of all escape routes from the building. All emergency exits should be unobstructed.
-Fire and Smoke Alarms – Fire and Smoke alarms should be inspected and tested at least once a year.
-Fire Extinguishers – All fire extinguishers should be current on their inspections. All employees should be trained on how to use them.
-Smoking – If any employees smoke, there should be a designated area outside of the building for all employees to use
-Fire Drills – Regular fire drills should be performed, and evacuation procedures should be practiced.

Fire Response Tips:
-Fire Breaks Out – When a fire breaks out, all employees should be alerted.
-Call 911 – 911 should be called immediately. The employee who calls should not hang up until the dispatcher says its ok.
-Small Fire – If it is a small fire, employees can try to extinguish the fire themselves. If the fire cannot be controlled, 911 should be called.
-Escape Routes – Employees should evacuate the building following escape routes and meet up at designated spot.
-Close Doors – To prevent the fire from spreading, employees should make sure the doors are closed behind them
-Elevators – During a fire, elevators should never be used as they may stop working due to electrical failure
-First Aid – After evacuation, first aid should be administered to any injured employees
-Once Outside - Once an employee is outside, they should not reenter the smoke filled or burning building

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