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HEALTHdrum's Digital Health Platform Challenges Sick Healthcare System

Cost-transparent marketplace offers disruptive solution for sustainable medical care

"HEALTHdrum's mission is to reshape healthcare and help people connect directly with the caring community." - Bert Vorstman, CEO

    BOCA RATON, FL, May 21, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- LLC, a Boca Raton healthcare technology company, announced today the launch of their cost-transparent healthcare marketplace platform for cash price, routine office-based or outpatient care.

The platform allows buyers (consumers) of healthcare services to connect directly with sellers (providers) of care with costs that are often less than insurance-based pricing.

The key reasons behind HEALTHdrum's marketplace development are the increasing inconvenience and costs associated with the flawed insurance coverage of day-to-day healthcare needs. While most medical services in the U.S are routine office-based or outpatient, administrative costs for this insurance-covered care have ballooned to $840 billion yearly, driving physician's practice overhead to 70 percent. This gross inefficiency wastes precious healthcare dollars from being used for care.

HEALTHdrum's digital health marketplace improves efficiency of healthcare delivery and cuts unnecessary administrative costs that are now passed on to patients. Without the need for restrictive networks, enrollment periods and non-medical health plan intermediaries delaying, rationing or denying treatment, care will be dictated solely by the consumer. Patients pay only for what they need - there are no surprise bills, copays, deductibles or non-covered services.

Although designed initially for the healthcare consumer without health benefits, HEALTHdrum's free-market healthcare platform allows anyone access to as-needed, high-quality routine care at affordable prices. Said Bert Vorstman, CEO, "HEALTHdrum's mission is to reshape healthcare and help people connect directly with the caring community."

"Users of the HEALTHdrum's consumer-directed care platform will find and compare costs for routine healthcare services so that they can budget and manage their own health needs," highlights David Hartmann, CTO. This freedom from artificial healthcare rules and restrictions returns decision-making autonomy to patients and doctors, supports market forces and allows employers to choose less expensive high-deductible plans to cover unlikely major medical or catastrophic needs.

HEALTHdrum's key product details:
- Healthcare price search engine for routine office-based and outpatient care.
- Displays costs for services provided by generalist and specialist physicians, imaging centers, laboratories, rehabilitation centers, wellness clinics, fitness centers, paramedical and alternative medical providers.
- Ability to compare costs between services and providers.
- Ability to request appointments.
- Posts record of appointments in personal profile.

HEALTHdrum is a cost-transparent digital healthcare marketplace that connects consumers, employers and providers with cash price, self-pay options for as-needed routine healthcare services.

About LLC ( is a healthcare technology company based in Boca Raton, Florida. HEALTHdrum maintains and hosts a marketplace platform in partnership with The SilverLogic (TSL) ( accessible to all healthcare consumers, employers and the extended caring community.

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Consumer-directed healthcare marketplace platform for routine office-based and outpatient care.