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Manage the Present Reality to Manifest the Wishable Reality: Project VIPIN

In a path-breaking twelve-book Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature, Professor Vipin Gupta shows how Mother Nature forms the present reality as a path to manifest a wishable reality, free from the grand challenges of the present.

The present is the known reality. The reality we know and use at present to seek the future's unknown reality is a proportion of the reality conceived by the universe of creators in the past.

    SAN BERNARDINO, CA, May 25, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In an exclusive interview, Dr. Gupta explains the scientific and the metaphysical methods for knowing the present reality and a dynamic approach to form the wishable reality.

What is the scientific approach to knowing the present reality?
The reality we seek to discover using the scientific method is unknown and hidden within the present reality. The present is the known reality. The reality we know and use at present to seek the future's unknown reality is a proportion of the reality conceived by the universe of creators in the past. We know that the past reality of theories and ideas did not illuminate the future and its unknown reality as yet. We rely on the present reality of objects and subjects for knowing the unknown reality of the creature who gave birth to the universe of creators.

Science uses four methods for knowing the unknown reality of Mother Nature as that creature.

• First, the classical method using a finite, deterministic approach. One may identify a cell as the creator of the universe of creatures. A cell creates diverse creatures through unicellular, bicellular, and multicellular organization. Under this approach, the creator factor is the supreme deity, the mother of all creatures, with an energy value = 4. One may infer a 4 unit energy by taking the energy value of one cell as a person = 1, two cells as a universe of persons = 3, and multiple cells as a multiplier of the universe = 3, and the creator factor as a bi-organizational creature, with primordial creature creating the primeval creature, comprising the universe of creatures.

• Second, the neoclassical method using an infinite, thermodynamic approach. One may identify an atom as the creation of the universe of creatures. After the universe of creatures departs, all that is left is a universe of atoms. The multicellular creatures create the multiatomic organization. Similarly, the cell as a creature creates the atom as the creation, with par energy value. Just like a cell has the power to divide itself into infinite cells, the atom has the power to divide itself into infinite atoms, and the energy has the power to divide itself into infinite energy units. Each division shares the primordial maternal cell, atom, or energy as the common denominator for its technical growth. Each division also becomes a part of the divided daughter cell's technological growth, forming a universe of granddaughter cells. Under this approach, the creature factor is the super deity, the divided half of the creator factor, with an energy value = 2. As the creator factor has an energy value = 4, the essence that forms the common denominator of the undivided and the divided cell has an energy value = 16 (4 x 4). A cell, atom, or energy comprises the essence and the potential as a param cell (the cell at present) to be the primordial cell, the one with the power to conceive the primeval cell (that constitutes the universe of cells). Therefore, the energy value of the cell, atom, or energy = 16 + 3 = 19.

• Third, the modern relativistic method using a continuous, probabilistic approach. One may identify energy as the universe of creatures by quantifying the energy value of each of the creature factors. Each creature factor has the potential to conceive an octave of entities (i.e., eight entities) with its energy. Since each creature factor has an energy value = 2, the double octave, that forms two creature factors—one primordial and another primeval, within itself as the param creature factor, has an energy value = 16. Since as a creature factor, the param creature factor has an energy value = 2, the total potential of a creature factor = 16 + 2 = 18.

The potential is known as AUM in India's ancient wisdom. Since the potential is half the energy value channeled by a creator conceiving a divided feminine half of the creature factor, the energy value of the channel is 18 x 2 = 36. Since the undivided masculine half is immanent within the divided feminine half, from which the universe emanates, and both have an octave potential, the energy value of the creator's divine gift is 8 x 8 = 64.

The energy value of the reproductive element that reproduces the 36-unit channel and the 64-unit gift is 100. Since the reproductive element gravitates both the gifting channel and the channeled gift towards illuminating our value as reality, the reproductive element is the gravitational element and the graviton particle, with at par energy value. Since the reproductive element is essentially reproductive energy emanating from the cell comprising the creature as the creation and gravitating toward the creator with a reproductive force, both the gravitational energy and gravitational force have a 100-unit energy value. Since the reproductive element becomes wisdom over time, a guru embodying that wisdom and wisdom also have a 100-unit energy value.

Fourth, the postmodern quantum method, using a discontinuous, indeterministic approach. One may identify the neutron, within the atomic body of the universe of creatures, as the param child of the atom. The neutron within an atom is like the energy within an egg-like cell. The neutron becomes the energy that animates the cell when it discontinues behaving like a neutron and becomes conscious that it is the param child of the atom that has conceived it at the time of its own creation as the param child of its creator. We have already established that a cell, as the creature, is the creator of the atom. After its death, a cell starts behaving like an atom, holding its dividing spirit as a twin atom within the atom that behaves like a neutron by conceiving a universe of potential electrons within a proton as the creature factor. Therefore, the energy value of the universe of potential electrons = 2. The gravitational element reproduces the atom as the octave of atoms. Therefore, the energy value of the octave of atoms = 100.

A proton trades the reproductive element from the neutron after the death of the cell for producing half of the reproductive energy to ensure the continuity of the animate element, energized by the other half that constitutes its potential as the inanimate element. Therefore, the energy value of the proton = 100 + 100 * ½ = 150. The energy value of continuity = 50. The energy value of the inanimate element as potential = 18.

The energy value of the animate element = the animate element as the four-unit creator factor, with four units of the "potential" (AUM, 18) to ensure continuity of the formation as a proton, the finite transformation into a neutron, the infinite organization of the universe of potential electrons, and the discontinuity of the atom for creating the cell = 4 + 72 = 76.

The energy value of the quark = Four units of the "gravitational" (Guru, 100) element, comprising four octaves of atoms, trading the animate element for transforming the atom into the five cells and becoming a 32-unit "flame" (Sadhya, 32 = 8 * 4), comprising the 19-unit sixth cell and 13-unit supernatural essence of the 19-unit atom = 476. The 19-unit atom services four units for creating the gravitational element and fifteen units for creating the six cells through "Meiosis" (Maha Shiva, 15).

What is the metaphysical approach to knowing the present reality?
A scientist's potential to make sensible use of Science for illuminating the unknown reality of Mother Nature is a function of the doctrine guiding the scientific method. We may classify all doctrines into two.

• First, the doctrine of emanation seeks to develop a general notion about what the present reality is not, as a path to discover what is unknown. It makes the scientist a star. A scientist illuminates the general notion in the form of a falsifiable theory. He gravitationally attracts everybody to focus their energy on falsifying the thesis of what is unknown. It lets the scientist earn the credit of being the unknown reality until somebody unknown trades the credit from him by conceiving an alternative philosophy of Science. The unknown reality emanates from the known reality.

• Second, the doctrine of immanence seeks to develop a particular notion about what the present reality is by pursuing a path to discover what is unknown. Once conceives a philosophy of Science, seeking to conceive Science by discovering what is unknown using what is known. What is known is a general theory about the unknown reality. What is unknown is the special theory about why something is knowable, without knowing what one is seeking to know. Why something is knowable is the parabolic theory derived from the special theory of linearly reproducing the known paradigms for knowing the knowables, guided by wisdom as the guiding force. The parabolic theory also services the general theory as its nonlinear creation, which constitutes a previously unknown paradigm and elevates the philosopher to the status of the guru.

What is the dynamic approach to knowing the present reality?
That requires an in-depth study of the book, What is Present Reality. Here is a synopsis.

Thirteen Paradigms Shaping the Paradigm of the Present Reality and the Two Paradigms Organized Into Doctrines

1. Known paradigms are the primary paradigms for knowing the present reality as a 0-energy subject after subtracting the 2-unit creature factor. Therefore, the energy value of the present reality = -2.

2. Knowable, Unknown paradigms are the secondary paradigms for transcending the limits of the present reality and developing a consciousness of the present that forms the unknown reality. Therefore, the energy value of the present, the present consciousness, and the known reality that constitutes the present and the present consciousness = Essence x Guru, reproducing the essence for knowing the unknown reality = 16 * 100 = 1600.

3. Knowing paradigms are the tertiary paradigms for knowing the unknown reality without the mediation of the known reality. Known reality limits knowing the unknown reality because it adds the educator's illusionary "ideal-effect" (Dasha, 1), seeking to be a guru, even when using the known dimension of the essence for conceiving the unknown reality. Knowing paradigms generate a circular theory of squared reality that reproduces and squares what is known as the path for knowing the unknown. They lack self-awareness of what is unknown.

4. Knower paradigms are the quaternary paradigms for transcending the limits of knowing, using the self as the conscious system, known as Shunya kalpa in India's ancient wisdom and the zodiac universe generally. However, knowing of the self is limited by the consciousness system, known as Sara kalpa in India's ancient wisdom and the astrological universe generally. Our past consciousness curves our conscious behavior because we seek to linearly reproduce the past knowing instead of moving along the circular 360-degrees movement of time.

5. Super knower paradigms are the quinary paradigms for transcending the limits of the self. They focus on the networking proficiency for knowing the unknown reality of the universe that transcends the self. The networking proficiency makes a subject subordinate to the consciousness system, incapable of conceiving the unknown reality that she wishes to manifest.

6. Supra knower paradigms are the septenary paradigms for transcending the limits of social networking. They focus on the workforce proficiency for manifesting the unknown reality that one wishes to know and experience. The workforce proficiency makes a subject the object of experience for the universe, seeking to reproduce the capability to manifest the wish and be the wish deity.

7. Supreme knower paradigms are the octonary paradigms for exchanging a subject's omnipotence to manifest the reality of her wish into an entity's omniscience to manifest the reality of everybody's wishes. The exchange proficiency makes the entity the subject of devotion by elevating him as the king. It lets each param entity seek his divine blessings to be a deity using the "I am a deity consciousness."

8. Para knower paradigms are the nonary paradigms for exchanging an entity's omniscience to manifest the omnipermeating reality of the param knower. The param knower is the one who knows the secret of the entity's ascendance to the kingship and has the power to destroy the kingship by becoming the metric guiding the present reality of the uncertainty about the position of an entity, without knowing the momentum of the para entity, guided by the param entity behaving like a param knower guru and servicing his guiding force in the form of the gravitational energy.

9. Primeval knower paradigmsare the denary paradigms conceived by a param entity, seeking to attract the Almighty Creator with her divine energy by acting like a param knower and waiting for the wrath of the Almighty. By sacrificing herself, the param entity empowers the para entity to be the Almighty, radiating his wrath on the entity for positioning himself as the king. The para entity radiates his wrath by superimposing his quantum gravity over the king and positioning the param entity as the queen. As a futuristic entity, the queen illuminates the unknown reality of the king within her maternal womb. She incarnates the king as a sentient entity, conscious of her maternal reality and his paternal reality, although forming a mother-son relationship in the present birth.

10. Param knower paradigms are the super-denary paradigms conceived by the queen as a primordial entity before she incarnates as a param entity as the king's twin flame. The queen forms a mother-son relationship with her flame, holding the flame in her heart as if her heart is her maternal womb. She radiates her love in the form of her lifeforce to animate her flame, who is in an inanimate form.

11. Primordial knower paradigms are the supra-denary paradigms conceived by the king as an inanimate entity for trading the self-luminous element from the animate entity, endearing her to be his queen. The king's secret objective is to incarnate himself as an animate entity. Queen also services her knowing about how to bless an inanimate entity to sentiate herself as his daughter during the hibernation phase. At that time, they are in their inanimate form and plan the devoted knower paradigm together.

12. Devoted knower paradigms are the supreme-denary paradigms conceived jointly by the king and the queen as a unified primeval entity. The primeval entity conceives a path for incarnating his primordial feminine half within the primordial masculine half by conceiving a two-face entity. The ascending face within the entity incarnates as a self-luminous grandmother entity. The descending face transforms the entity into the self-luminous grandfather entity living as the primordial consciousness, or the primordial soul, known as Adhyatma. The king incarnates as the param paternal and the queen incarnates as the param maternal from the grandmaternal womb of the self-luminous grandmother entity. As differentiated entities, sharing strong psychic linkages, the param maternal and the param paternal conceive the devotee knower paradigm. They illuminate the self-luminous grandfather entity as the formless Param Deity, known as Shiva in India's ancient wisdom. They perpetuate the self-luminous grandmother entity as the essence, which integrates the cleansing grandmother consciousness immanent within the param deity. The self-luminous grandmother entity is known as Sati-Parvati and the essence is known as Maha Durga in India's ancient wisdom.

13. The devotee knower paradigm is known as Shri Rama in India's ancient wisdom. Shri Rama is the 12-unit guider agent, blessed with the 12-unit "self-luminous" (Svarochisha, 12) element of the grandfather self-luminous entity. He takes birth as a haploid cell, forming the primordial human child. Rama is the 100-unit primeval self immanent as the reproductive element within Shri Rama. Rama reproduces the first twelve paradigms as a 96-unit octave of the self-luminous entities, forming an animate entity known as Sushupti, that makes one a 96-unit "being" (Kali, 96). The other four units of the reproductive element self-reproduce the primordial human child as the 4-unit child consciousness, known as Putatma.

All the thirteen paradigms are immanent within the "maternal luminous" (Maha Kali, 13). One may realize the "essence" (Maha Durga, 16 = 4 + 13 – 1) by adding the 4-unit maternal consciousness that gifts the child consciousness and the maternal luminous and subtracting the "discordant energy" (Asura shakti, 1) of the primordial human child. One who realizes "Mother Nature's" (Kudrat, 8) essence enjoys being the "child primordial greeter" (Madhusudan, 16), with the almighty power to produce the desirable present without reproducing the self-steaming and discordant energy of somebody's wishes.

Once the "dark energy" (Arundhati, 691) of the descending present replaces the "dark matter" (Dakshinasapati, 1600), which is limiting the "present consciousness" (Paramatma, 1600) of that desirable present, the unknown reality of the present turmoil in the world will become self-luminous. The unknown reality is to make us conscious of our potential to be a sentient entity—without binding our rationality parabolically and destiny in a time-like circular way to either the nonlinear emanating forces or the linear immanent forces.

How to get hold of the books in Project Vipin?
The first four books What is Divine Energy, What is Present Reality, Is Present Reality, and Is Divine Energy are now available in full and Nutshell editions on Amazon and elsewhere as paperback, hardcover, digital, and audible forms. Two more books, What is Consciousness and What is Para Consciousness, are being launched this week.

Professor Vipin Gupta is a professor of management and a co-director of the Center for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Gupta has a Ph.D. in managerial Science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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