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Fortuite™ Partners with World-Renowned DJ School to Conduct Behavioral Research on Music Variation's Impact on Better Social Experiences

The research, which focuses on how DJs can produce music that boosts happiness and empathy hormones, will enable fortuite's users to have a socially valuable time.

    GENEVA, SWITZERLAND and AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, May 28, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Real-life social matchmaking platform fortuite™ has partnered with DJ School Amsterdam to conduct research and development on the behavioural impact of music variation in enhancing the quality of social connections by regulating hormone production. This sociological, psychological, and neurological research will allow fortuite's emotional AI to assist DJs in producing music that boosts happiness and empathy hormones and can ultimately help fortuite users have a socially valuable time.

Jean-Claude Artonne, Co-founder at fortuite, said, "At fortuite, our focus is on analysis of the senses, and how emotions are key to social connections. Research already proves that specific variations of music tempo and volume can elevate oxytocin levels, enabling people to feel closer connections. Through further research with DJ School Amsterdam, we want to help people have an exceptional time by giving them access to the best quality music, which will be specifically designed to match their needs and expectations."

The DJ School Amsterdam is a leading global school to coach music artists such as DJs and Producers. It is a benchmark institute to become a professional DJ or Producer. Over the last decade, it has helped thousands of artists internationally to unleash their music careers.

Olivier Meijs, Co-CEO, DJ School Amsterdam, added, "At the DJ School, through our unique 'Dancefloor Matrix', we teach our students to analyze and organize tracks based on genre, energy level, atmosphere, and groove. This ensures that the DJs optimize their performance and the audience ends up having a happy and socially satisfactory time."

The partnership will allow fortuite to recruit DJs for its upcoming gatherings. As part of a sharing economy, similar to the Uber, Airbnb business models, fortuite will offer business and job opportunities to professionals like DJs, bartenders, and event venues by providing them with a platform to perform again in real life. This would comprise gatherings or micro-events of up to 50 individuals with compatible personalities, in carefully crafted and safe settings.

As part of the collaboration, the DJ School will advise fortuite and share its unique expertise during the development of the fortuite App, which will enable it to recruit DJs internationally. This will be done based on the DJs' technical knowledge, dexterity, and social and psychological strengths. Fortuite will then open its platform for employment opportunities to the DJs who graduate from DJ School Amsterdam and others, who will perform at micro-events aimed at connecting people with potential friends, business partners or even romantic ones.

Adrian van der Hoeven, Community & Events Business Development Manager at fortuite, said, "We are incredibly thrilled to tie up with DJ School Amsterdam. This liaison will ensure that we can conduct revolutionary research and open a gateway of opportunities for artists like DJs. The possibilities with this collaboration are endless, and we are looking forward to exploring them together."

Roeland Meijs, Co-CEO, DJ School Amsterdam, said, "Our goal at the DJ School is to drive inspiration and positive growth. We train our DJs to pursue their musical personalities and to deliver the best experiences. Through this partnership with fortuite, we will bring these values to the fore and help in locating exceptional talent. We are also thankful that fortuite will help DJs resume what they love doing."

The DJ School will also assist fortuite in conducting research for its Silver Club – a not-for-profit vertical of fortuite that caters to the senior market. It aims to tackle the loneliness experienced increasingly by the elderly, by offering them a platform to connect with those around them. The DJ School will facilitate the research and development on the musical preferences of senior citizens.

Isabelle Segarini, Executive VP of Operations at fortuite said, "When we think of reducing loneliness, we must cover all age groups, otherwise we are only doing half the job. Seniors are feeling isolated, even more so after the pandemic, and we want to help them socialize and find their connections. When we do so, we must remember to tailor the experience to suit the elderly and their tastes, and DJ School Amsterdam will be a remarkable partner to help us to do so, in terms of music."

About fortuite™:

Fortuite™ is an Emotional AI-powered, real-life socialization platform in the sharing economy. Born in the meticulous Swiss environment and driving commercial operations from New York, U.S.A, fortuite is a global fast-growing start-up in the blossoming field of matchmaking and socialization Apps. Fortuite's dual benefits include bringing people of all age groups from virtual to real in carefully crafted and safe gatherings of up to 50 individuals, according to their preferences, interests and budget, and offering job and business opportunities to its professional users such as DJs, bartenders and event venues. This is made possible with fortuite's patent-pending logistic and matchmaking AI technologies. For more information, visit

About DJ School Amsterdam:

DJ School Amsterdam has been the international top in 1-on-1 DJ / Producer education for over ten years. With its vision of knowledge transfer and innovative teaching methods in both professions, the school has trained hundreds of artists.

DJ School Amsterdam receives more than a thousand students a year, many of them from abroad. It holds over 250 private club nights at many locations where more than 750 DJs have made their debuts.

The school's experienced and open-minded teachers provide new music lovers with an unforgettable first experience as a DJ or Producer.

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