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RTFANS Brings the Latest HVLS Fans and Evaporative Coolers

To provide one-stop evaporative cooling solutions for industry and commerce all over the world.

RTFANS is a leading manufacturer of HVLS fans and evaporative air coolers.

    DONGGUAN, CHINA, June 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- RTFANS is not a new name in the ventilation and cooling industry. It has been providing services for more than 18 years, and now, it is one of the four largest manufacturers of HVLS fans. It secures the top position in Asia as the largest manufacturer and serves in more than 20 countries.

RTFANS is a leading manufacturer of HVLS fans and evaporative coolers. It spends a lot in the research of the design of HVLS fans, efficiency, low maintenance, safety, motor design, and blades. It has been carrying out research with the help of industry experts and universities, including Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University. With the help of new technology and research, RTFANS is bringing more and more efficient, cost-effective, and better products to the market. Currently, RTFANS holds 25 patents for its innovative and out-of-the-box thinking.

Research and Development

HVLS fans are not like ordinary fans. They are almost 5-6 times larger than the common residential ceiling fan. Due to its large size, it requires special blades, design, motors, and everything used to make the fan.

With constant research and testing, RTFANS has come up with the optimum design that can offer maximum airflow and energy-saving. HVLS ceiling fans can have 5, 6, 7, or 8 blades. The number and shape of blades affect the final airflow of the fan and also bring impact to noise level; therefore, RTFANS has carried out detailed research. They have tested every possible arrangement, design, and a number of blades to test the airflow and noise level. Finally, they arrived at the conclusion that five or six (depending on the size) blades with unique fan blade design offer optimum airflow with the perfect noise level. Now, all HVLS fans of RTFANS have five or six fan blades with a patented design.

RTFANS has developed special motors for driving the fans. There are three types of motors used in the HVLS fan series of RTFANS. The motor used in the commercial fan is based on BLDC technology and was designed and developed by professors at Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University. The latest technology of RTFANS is PMSM fans. These special fans offer better performance, low noise, a longer lifetime, and less energy consumption. The motor is based on PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) technology. PMSM fans of RTFANS offer the highest airflow in the market. A 24ft PMSM fan can provide an airflow of 15,000 cubic meters per minute. RTFANS also uses a traditional motor with a gearbox to make the most reliable industrial fan type, which supplied from the German brand "Nord" motor.

RTFANS has specially designed blades to provide air in a large area. They also take care of the safety measures to keep the fan intact. Not only in HVLS fans, but RTFANS has also achieved a big milestone in evaporative cooling technology. The coolers are excellent and cost-effective to cool large areas.

With dozens of technological advancements, RTFANS has introduced a wide range of products. Let's have a look at the products and their features and benefits.

New Products

RTFANS proudly announces the new range of products that can offer better results, energy-saving, and many other benefits. The new products are improved and equipped with the latest technologies in the market.

1) Commercial HVLS Fans
RTFANS commercial HVLS fans are designed for medium commercial spaces, such as restaurants and shops. These fans are available in the range of 2.8 meters (8ft) to 4 meters (14ft) and can be installed in a suitable space higher than 4 meters.

The fans have a five-blade design that can offer excellent airflow of 4,500-8,000 cubic meters per minute. It can easily cover a large space of up to 660-800 square meters. The most important thing is the wattage. The motor installed in these fans consumes only 550 watts. Thus, it can save energy and reduce energy bills. Moreover, they have a very low noise of 38-40dBA, which is almost imperceptible.

2) Industrial HVLS Fans
Industrial ceiling fans have six blades and are for large spaces, such as warehouses, barns, shopping malls, factories, distribution center, and public places. The size of the fan ranges from 3.7 meters (12ft) to 7.3 meters (24ft). Therefore, it can easily cover a huge area of up to 1,500 square meters. There are five sizes of industrial fans available and can be installed according to the available space. Depending on the size of the fan, the maximum airflow ranges from 6,000-13,500 cubic meters per minute.

The wattage of the motor of industrial HVLS fans is 1.5Kw. These fans can cover a huge area and save a lot of energy. The electricity bill is greatly reduced. All these fans have the potential to reduce the temperature of the area up to 7-8°C. They can make the area comfortable for the workers. HVLS fans can also assist air conditioning and evaporative cooling systems (we call this a "fan & cooler combo system"). The running cost of a cooling system can be reduced if you add HVLS fans in because HVLS fans help to spread the cool air in a wide area.

Industrial HVLS fans are large, but they are very quiet. The noise level is only 40-43dBA. Thus, they won't disturb the people in the area.

PMSM fan is the signature fan of RTFANS. It is the latest technology, and RTFANS is still bringing improvements in its performance. Among all types of HVLS fans, PMSM fans are the most efficient. This technology offers a higher airflow than any other fan in the market. The airflow ranges from 7,500-15,000 cubic meters per minute. This airflow can easily cover a large area of up to 1,800 square meters.

There are five sizes available, and the size range of the fans is just like RTFANS industrial HVLS fans. The fan diameter is 3.7 meters (12ft) to 7.3 meters (24ft). These fans consume less energy as compared to industrial ceiling fans. The wattage of 3.7-5.5 meters PMSM fans is 1.2Kw and 6.4-7.3 meters PMSM fans is 1.5Kw. Therefore, these fans are more efficient and offer better airflow.

After a lot of research, RTFANS has created a low-noise fan. PMSM fans are even quieter than commercial and industrial HVLS fans and have a low noise level of 36dBA. The noise level is lower than the noise level of a quiet library (40dBA).

4) Industrial Air Coolers
Evaporative Air Coolers are much more cost-effective compared to air conditioning systems. For large areas with low humidity, these air coolers are perfect for saving energy and electricity costs.

RTFANS manufactures a wide range of industrial air coolers. There are different models available for different areas. A single evaporative cooler can have an effective area of up to 300 square meters. The applicable area of industrial air coolers ranges from 100-300 square meters. There are 12+ models available, and customers can easily choose a suitable air cooler according to the required area. The maximum airflow of industrial air coolers is 20,000-60,000 CMH.

Industrial air coolers can cover a huge area through their powerful airflow. However, the cost of electricity is quite less compared to air conditioners. They only consume about 1/8 of the energy. The wattage range of RTFANS industrial air coolers is 1.1-15.5Kw. If you want to save energy on cooling in a large space, these industrial coolers are the best.

With constant research and development, RTFANS has achieved a big milestone in evaporative air-cooling technology. These coolers are equipped with special cooling pads; they are well-designed to offer excellent efficiency. Due to its specially designed fan blade, the airflow is much better than other products in the market with a reasonable noise level, and the coolers can cover a large area. The motor installed in all coolers offers low failure and high-temperature resistance. It requires a little maintenance only.

RTFANS air cooler can clean itself automatically. It also has an automatic water replacement design. For large areas, such as factories, warehouses, and workshops, these coolers are a cost-effective, reliable, and energy-efficient solution.

RTFANS also supports a centralized control system for a large project. With only one control box, a group of coolers can be controlled and a bigger water tank supplies water to all coolers. By central controlled system we offer a more reliable cooling system and provide an extra 2 years warranty. (to know more about this control system write to [email protected])

5) Portable Evaporative Air Coolers
RTFANS has also brought a wide range of portable evaporative air coolers that can be used at homes, outdoors, and commercial places, such as workshops, open spaces, schools, outdoor activities, restaurants. From a mini table air cooler to a large outdoor air cooler, RTFANS has everything.

These coolers have wheels and can easily be placed wherever required. They are perfect for outdoor areas and rooms. RTFANS has considered the appearance of these air coolers; they look fashionable and perfect for indoor and outdoor space.

Most of the air coolers are equipped with 4-in-1 functions. They can be used as a cooler, humidifier, air purifier, and fan. These coolers are equipped with the latest technology, including a remote controller, LCD panel, fan speeds, timer, and iceboxes.

These coolers are energy-saving and efficient. They are also equipped with the cooling pad technology of RTFANS. There are various sizes of portable evaporative coolers available. The wattage starts from 75W and goes up to 1.5 kW. Customers can easily pick a suitable portable air cooler according to their needs.

RTFANS and The Market
RTFANS' new products are taking the market like a storm. The best things about all these products are their low cost, excellent design, durability, and latest technology. The company offers its services in more than 20 countries in the world and is expanding day by day. There are outlets and warehouses in the major cities of the countries.

All the products come with a reliable warranty, which is why customers buy the products with confidence. The fans and coolers are available from all leading eCommerce websites/stores. Thus, customers can even buy from anywhere where the eCommerce website works.

For more information and the latest updates, check out the blog of RTFANS. You can also contact the company for any query or question.

With 18+ years of experience in the market, Kool Air International Co., Ltd, has become an industry leader in evaporative cooling technology and also a solution provider in large space ventilation and cooling.

Our brand "RTFANS" gains much reputation from professionals especially in factory and warehouse ventilation and cooling direction. Kool Air aims to be your perfect solution provider for on-air processing with a full range of evaporative cooling and ventilation products including evaporative air coolers, cooling pads, big HVLS fans for industrial, commercial, household as well as agricultural use.

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