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Magical Earth Discovered - Ion Powered - Consciousness Arranged -- Earth's Ion Magic Perfectly Matches Human Magic - New Website - Live Discussions and Knowledge Sharing

We reveal how Earth and Humans are perfectly designed and powered for Life and Magic - Together. One committed couple. One man and one woman are the only requirements. Works for singles and same sex too. Even a single person can start their magic.

You Star in the best movie ever. We reveal many proofs and details that have been there always in stories, music, numbers, words. observation of Earth, Life Forms and the Mind. Learn Natural Magic.

    BURNS, OR, June 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Where the magic is and how to claim it. is in the business of showing regular people how to become extraordinary with no tools required except the Human body and mind. Not hypnosis. Our only tool for teaching this is Logic.

We truly believe the Earth has magic powers which are perfectly matched to the Human Mind and Body. They are most easy to discover when a Man and a Woman are in love and committed to each other.

The world presents us with many options, details and stories to help us make and maintain ideas, traditions and things. There are two types of powerful energies plain to see.

There is a Feminine Undulating Implosive and Sympathetic Energy that runs perpetually.

And there is the matching Masculine Bursting Explosive Destruction Energy. We live with both as best as we know how.

This is represented in each person's own body.

The Heart handles all other coding, information and Intelligence. The Heart also handles all matters of the Heart including Love and Intuition.

The Brain gives you data and storage received through the Five Senses and the innumerable functions of the Pineal Gland network including the hunches.

Magic starts when both parties are facing toward becoming perfectly harmonious in their thinking, calculating and decisions.

In other words, all feedback, responses and application is done through a 'checking' process where each other, the Heart and Brain validate each other. Natural functions of the body and the mind are truly a masterpiece of design and possibility. Magic.

When each person focuses on becoming complete, what is revealed is the magic of being an independent Human Being. They can see clearly that all things are related to the Male Female energies and relationships in one way or another.

The Human's ability to adapt is magnificent. The level of endurance under varying conditions are unmatched in the Sentient world. We are so amazing we can live with our Brain activity and Heart activity literally having a long distance relationship inside our Being while our DNA runs the regeneration/waste management duties.

They (Heart and Brain) can lead and refer to each other at will or simply by 'letting conditions direct' them. In other words, a Sentient Being Blowing in the wind. A Sentient Being Blowing in the Wind can be taken and exploited and used to grow just about anything. This is what we see today.

That is quite a spread. From an All Powerful Co Creator of Source allowing itself to 'blow in the wind' to a fully engaged Co Creator of Source Fully Engaged in Creation and everything in between.

This ain't YouTube, this is u-tube, me-tube, I-tube, them-tube, all-tube, no-tube and everythinginbetween-tube. We are starring in congealed Tube. As Creators, we can congeal or un-congeal, anything.

We will show how all the Ancient knowledge combined with Today's Modern Technological ability to detail and aggregate data is providing us with a map and innumerable clues and codes to basically, put Humpty Dumpty back together again. All is Well.

The Kingsmen are too far gone and it is up to us (the regular folk and family) to identify the breadcrumbs and 'level up' toward our new way of 'being'. There is a signal coming toward you, no matter how many million miles you go from Home. You have an antenna in your Mind. It works on 'line of sight'. You can immerse yourself in the explorations of the World and still get the return home signal, whenever you want to, turn your antenna toward the Home signal. All the directions and plans and explanations are in the signal. Being far from home is easy, when you are even aware that you have an antenna like that.

You are the star in the best movie ever. Together, we will uncover thousands of proofs and details that have been there always in the stories, music, numbers and words. Thousands more proofs of what we truly are through observation of Earth, it's Life Forms, the Human body and the Mind. And more in understanding the immeasurable and invisible Force that powers it all and keeps it all arranged in Perfect Order. Invisible, but evidenced throughout.

Leveling up to your best Life possible is done through magic. Magic happens after hard work. magic is hard work. Hard work is magic. Your body works hard, real hard. It is magic. You are magic.

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Also live discussions and knowledge sharing. Solving relationship issues. Money problems. Health concerns and more.

Ride Thera website is the work of Kevin Gilbert and Nina Wolfgang from Burns Oregon. They both have business and academic backgrounds. Their main hobby was philosophy and decoding the Human condition. They have taken their combined Life study as independents and as a couple and are openly sharing what they have discovered in the interest of all of our betterment and happiness.

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