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TOLEY RANZ, The Most Remarkable Kids' Educational Entertainment Solution For Lingering And Challenging COVID 'left-over' Situations, Urging Everyone to 'Stop Complaining, Get Involved'

Regaining a 'normal' life style is truly challenging for everyone involved. Families are facing new responsibilities and burdens. Too many basic values fell by the wayside during this pandemic. Especially younger children have a difficult time coping

"Native American children are exposed to Circle learning as early as age three... it's a humbling approach to giving and receiving respect... I believe in the amazing power of the Way of The Circle"

    SEDONA, AZ, June 10, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Step in TOLEY RANZ. A Hero of a unique kind is TOLEY RANZ. The whimsical cartoon character encourages self-belief, understanding of respect, and accepting others for whom they are. TOLEY RANZ is the awesome mascot of tolerance, and assists in living with kindness, open-mindedness and diversity, as well as social-emotional learning.

It is the methodical, ingenious approach to rebuilding lives, emotional well-being and reduction in fears; it's a one-of-a-kind tactic not found in today's children's educational entertainment market. TOLEY RANZ represents the inner most voice of every Child, emulating the founders' slogan "Reach the Soul of a Child-Transform a Life".

"We have integrated an innovative, restorative approach to teaching and learning with Toley Ranz. If we want to accomplish remarkable success in raising our kids in a screwed-up world, we must start in pre-K and introduce already the youngsters to diversity, inclusion, and belonging. It is vital," notes Anke Otto-Wolf, creator and founder of the Toley Ranz program.

"Did you know that Native American children are exposed to Circle learning as early as age three? Let's recognize this astounding and also humbling approach to giving and receiving respect. I do believe in the amazing power of the 'Way of The Circle'".

Research shows that schools embracing Restorative Practices, including circle learning, and Social-Emotional Learning, record an elevated reduction of violence among students of all age groups. Matter of fact, in some instances high school drop-outs are reduced up to 40%.

"We want parents to feel free to reach out to us at any time, but especially when situations are grueling and demanding," says Otto-Wolf. "In my experience, three points are most important; first, children need to feel accepted which can show them that they are unique; then, that they are included in cultural norms and, therefore, feel welcome; and thirdly, kids have the right to belong- referring a child's sense of equity."

Since its initial launch, this unique Stop Bullying Program, has evolved into the go-to port in the storm, and a 'helping kids & parents program' using the unique Toley Ranz character as the teaching tool and aid, besides being the lovable talking plush toy. This 'tool' assists in conveying a much-needed way out of dread for kids and parents alike, by focusing on the restorative approach. Experience clearly shows that it can even be an alternative to school suspensions which may disproportionately affect students of color.

"We never had a figure or character representing tolerance, now we do in TOLEY RANZ" said host Brad Perry on AZTV7's Arizona Morning Mix predicting that 'Toley needs to become a cartoon show'.

Come TOLEY RANZ with us!

Anke Otto-Wolf, founder of Toley Ranz Stops Bullying Program, created it as an after-school program for her inner-city students. The Program is expanding to Elementary Schools in Germany and throughout the Nation. The name-sake Foundation (501c3) was founded in 2020; Toley Ranz Founder Anke Otto-Wolf serves as the Executive Director of the Foundation.

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TOLEY RANZ, the awesome Mascot of Tolerance- representing a child's inner strength, wisdom and know-how to standing up to bullying