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The World's First Unplugged Coding Robot "VINU"

Now Without a Smart Device, Announces Kickstarter Launch

    NEW YORK, NY, June 12, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As more people are staying at home and avoiding leaving the house, the demand for products able to substitute for outdoor studies and activities is rapidly increasing. The necessity to learn coding has also recently emerged, which has led to a rising trend of coding-related products, but the need for a separate devices (such as tablet PCs), and the fact that there are only 1-2 features, have been flagged as drawbacks. Since most contents are similar in nature and overly simplistic, users quickly lose interest and get bored. Debugging features are also currently unavailable.

Amid these shortcomings, "VINU", the world's first unplugged coding robot which combines smartphone features, is gathering attention with the announcement of its Kickstarter launch. It's the easiest, most convenient, and smartest educational device in the world, and contains all languages of various existing unplugged products (such as Dot Code and Tangible Coding) on an LCD screen.

As it features the world's smallest size, users can learn coding without being interrupted- even on an unorganized and cramped desk. Since all you need is "VINU" and an activity sheet, separate management of multiple devices is not necessary.

A particularly appealing aspect is that anyone from 4-year-olds to elementary school students can learn coding in a game format, with 13 exclusive level applications and 180 missions. The mission-style contents draw interest and help children continue learning without giving up midway through. While experiencing "VINU" in real-time, children can instantly correct errors on spot and freely attempt modifying, deleting, and inserting motions that were unavailable in existing unplugged robots. All results can be checked intuitively with the Full Color LCD.

Aside from the above, emoticons have been implemented on the running screen, and activity sheets are used instead of a textbook, along with the precise design of 3-dimensional motions, to assist with an easy understanding for all kids across the globe. Coding principles, including sequence, repetition, condition, and logic, can be naturally acquired using the color calibration feature, that recognizes a total of 11 colors.

The smart unplugged coding robot "VINU" that parents and children can enjoy together, has announced its launch on Kickstarter this coming May.

More details can be found on the official Kickstarter homepage.

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