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The World's First Smart Pore Sebum Suction Device

"HEADPOP FOCUS" Announces its INDIEGOGO InDemand Launch

    NEW YORK, NY, June 12, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- After a very successful completion of a campaign carried out on KICKSTARTER, "HEADPOP FOCUS" is thrilled to announce that they launched INDIEGOGO InDemnad campaign.

While the number of people wishing to remove sebum and manage their skin from the comfort of their own homes are increasing, it's currently hard to find a sebum remover that does not irritate the skin and eliminate blackheads at the same time. With this current gap in the market, HAMAN INC. is entering the spotlight with their release of "HEADPOP FOCUS": a product which gently removes sebum with 3 differently sized silicone tips, while being convenient to use with its UV LED and its own cleaning brush.

Existing sebum suction devices from other companies focus only on the motor performance, offering fucntions like "super-powered suction". Which can cause severe skin irritation and leave bruises and scars, making users think again before going back to those products. In such an environment, HAMAN INC., specializing in electronic appliances and product design is recently turning their heads with their development of the smart pore sebum suction device: "HEADPOP FOCUS".

This device utilizes a middle valve in the suction device's motor, which works to minimize skin irritation as much as possible and even gets rid of blackheads. Since, the head tips used in other companies' sebum suction products are made from plastic, they irritate the skin at contact, leaving bruises and scars with their excessively strong suction power.

On the other hand, "HEADPOP FOCUS" is made with silicone, which drastically decreases skin irritation and even allows blackhead removal with minimal no scars. It is also equipped with a special "FOCUS MODE". When operating through this mode, the head tip repeatedly contracts and relaxes at regular intervals.

Unlike other companies' sebum suction devices that only continuously suck in, "HEADPOP FOCUS" repeats its actions with pauses in between, protecting you from getting bruised. On top of this, you can press the power button once, to control the intensity and use the "WIFI & LED MODE" to observe your skin with a magnifying lens, without removing sebum.

Aside from those features, another notable feature is that the silicone tips come in 3 sizes: large, medium, and small. And even take skin curves into consideration and enable you to completely apply the full tip to the skin and precisely remove the sebum. After using this sebum suction device, you can clean the silicone tip with the included cleaning brush and sterilize it by storing it in the UV LED stand.

"HEADPOP FOCUS" is on INDIEGOGO. You can check out more details on the official INDIEGOGO homepage.

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