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Dataking officially launches 360XCON, the Metaverse Online 3D Exhibition Solution

- Service that allows you to create metaverse online exhibitions by using exhibition templates - Provides opportunities for export and market development to Korean companies that have difficulty participating in overseas exhibitions

Dataking used 360XCON 3D engine solution to help achieve outstanding results of connecting global business at the Electric Vehicle Parts Fair and the World Nuclear Energy Exhibition held in April and

    LOS ANGELES, CA, June 15, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dataking (CEO Park Sun-kyu) was fostered by Digital Contents Center Growth Support Center (DC, located in Pyeongchon, Anyang) hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Im Hye-sook) and operated by National IT Industry Promotion Agency (President Kim Chang-yong) and Next Generation Convergence Contents Industry Association. This time, it officially launched "360XCON," its metaverse online 3D exhibition solution.

Companies are having difficulties in overseas marketing activities due to the prolonged COVID-19, and exhibition organizers all over the world are either canceling, delaying, or significantly reducing the scale of exhibitions. This has forced exhibition agencies and professional service providers to close offices, or even go out of business.

In order to solve this problem and respond to the pandemic situation, the exhibition industry is looking for alternatives such as hybrid exhibitions, using both online and offline methods and metaverse that connects the virtual world of the web and the Internet with reality with a concept more advanced than VR. In fact, the demand for "metaverse online solution" is on the rise in the exhibition industry.

Dataking CEO Park Sun-gyu said, "With the growing demand for metaverse services, society has also rapidly changed to a non-face-to-face digital economy, and it has become the momentum which digitalized the offline exhibition field that had remained offline for a long time. This has become an opportunity to introduce the metaverse online marketing method that describes reality."

Regular Version of Metaverse Online 3D Exhibition, Source - Dataking Inc.

The advantage of the metaverse exhibition event is that it can attract a large number of online participants and measure the cost-effectiveness and make it into index, and use the data of the participants for the next event. Especially, the event that was held only as an offline event had to limit the number of participants due to location reasons, but when combined with an online event, the number of attendees is limitless, and participants from all over the world can see it. Also, there is no need to worry about the cost of offline events, such as travel and lodging to attend the event, securing a large venue, and offline event cost such as options for hundreds of attendees. In addition, the marketing strategy based on the data of the participants of the online event.

In line with the recent changes in the global exhibition industry trend, Dataking officially launched "360XCON," a metaverse online 3D exhibition solution to more effectively provide company-to-company online marketing. 360XCON 3D Engine is a "Metaverse Builder" service that allows users to create metaverse online exhibitions with just a few clicks by using the exhibition templates. Unlike regular online exhibitions, it is a 3D online exhibition solution optimized for metaverse.

Especially, unlike other existing online exhibition solutions that are either two-dimensional which the visitors only get to click the event pages or arrows or expensive due to having to hire web developers to make the pages, it provides the administrator solution that enables direct management and update of the online exhibition continuously and effectively. Because of this, even people who have no knowledge in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript necessary for creating websites can easily create high-quality online exhibition contents.

CEO Park said, "The corporate online 3D showroom not only provides export opportunities for Korean companies that could not participate in offline exhibitions due to COVID-19, but also opens a market for SMEs that have high-quality products but have not been able to exhibit overseas due to lack of experience."

Dataking used 360XCON 3D engine solution to help achieve outstanding results of connecting global business at the Electric Vehicle Parts Fair and the World Nuclear Energy Exhibition held in April and May this year, and provided the foundation for the exhibition industry to create low-cost and high-efficiency events.

Meanwhile, DC-fostered company Dataking has been actively participating in various support programs such as investment mentoring, general consulting, PR support, and networking, thereby improving its solutions and business competitiveness. With the help from DC in matching specialists and providing network support program, Dataking made various achievements like market development, customer diversification, and investment attraction.

Dataking Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Sun-gyu), a resident company at the Digital Contents Company Growth Support Center operated by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), announced that it opened the beta version of, a virtual life service in January this year.

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