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The Brand Value that Double K aims for – "It's a Change"

Everyone was a great diver in their mother's womb, comfortable in amniotic fluid, intact in small cells.

Everyone was a great diver in their mother's womb, comfortable in amniotic fluid, intact in small cells.

    SEOUL, KOREA, June 18, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Established on March 3, 2016, Double K, the representative brand of Subone, was Korea's first freediving brand. Double K wants to continue this "Nature Diving" by allowing oneself to focus on personal growth through freediving while making it easy and familiar to everyone. They value each individual learning experience as they progress along while imparting essential information about safety and correct freediving techniques. They strongly believe in caring for the environment and the responsibility of each freediver to be kind to our ocean and respectful to all the living creatures it contains.

Leading a new water culture, Double K provides diving and instructor trainings, seminars, indoor/marine competitions, as well as equipment development, manufacturing and distribution.

Whether you're a pro looking to turn professional, freediving recreationally, or simply a beginner dipping your toes into the world of freediving, having scuba gear/equipment before jumping into the depths of the blue ocean is the final step. It is the act that validates your commitment to really enjoying diving.

To enhance your diving experience to the fullest, Double K provides a good set of freediving gear and equipment. Here is a list of the essential items for a safe and enjoyable foray underwater.

Freediving Wetsuit- Developed by a professional trainer and produced directly from Japan's YAMAMOTO's exclusive supply of neoprene. Double K offers wetsuits designed to fit snugly and give comfort without restricting movement or breathing.
- Tailor Made Wetsuit
- Ready Made Wetsuit

Fins- are vital gears needed to have a comfortable and pleasant diving activity. The brand offers different types to choose from
- Double K Freediving Black Tip Black-tip Carbon Fin SoftCORSA-WH
- Double K Monofin Standard

Mask - With so many varieties, shapes, sizes, and colors in the market, Double K assures that you will always have a mask that fits your face perfectly while providing comfort, security, and clear vision once you go into the water.

Snorkel- They offer a durable, yet simple and easy-to-operate attachment without compromising dry comfort and breathing.

Equalizing Tools - are very helpful and beneficial devices for training and improving the equalization techniques of divers. Check out these essentials:
- Freediving Equalizing Training Tool EZEQ
A digital device that helps you learn and improve equalizing.
- Nose Clip Anchor
This tool is designed for hands-free equalization that can be worn for longer periods while maintaining the ideal pressure on all sinus and ear canals.
- Equalvent(Equalizing tool)
The perfect tool to practice all famous exercises to improve your equalization any time you're away from the water.

Buoy system - A buoy is an important piece to use for those who dives in open water. It is a resting platform that helps you stay visible with a freediving buoy and the attached line. It can be used as an underwater guide.
- Freediving buoy
- Snorkel buoy

Gloves and socks - Having a good pair of diving and socks are useful bits of kit for divers. The brand ensures you get the best fit possible and protection against cold temperatures, stings, ferocious bites, and sharp and abrasive objects.

Weight system - Double K offers a system that is comfortable with and always prioritizes safety. They must be quick release, so that you can quickly return to the surface in case of trouble. Check out these options if you're on the hunt:
- Waist Lanyard - It has both a waist and a wrist attachment within reach that can guide you back to the diving line, whatever the emergency is.
- Silicone belt - is more durable and can carry more weights.
- Freediving Harness Deep Black - Double K offers a comfortable and reliable harness vest with a buckle and adjustable straps that fits any body size. Their product has weight distribution features thus reducing physical burden making your every dive easier.

Apparel - The brand has an excellent selection of quality clothes, swimwear, footwear, ponchos to complement your aquatic lifestyle in every way possible.
- Wooparupa Over-fit Tshirts
- Double K Poncho
- Double K Diving Shoes FLY FIT
- Double_K Diving custom jacket

Hood - Whether you're a Snorkeler, Diver, Freediver, or beginner this brand's headgear protects you against dirt, cold, and also injuries to some extent.
- Double K Freediving Scuba Diving Black P-ear Diving Hood (Custom Made)
- Double K Freediving Scuba Diving Black P Diving Hood (Custom Made)
- Double K Diving Hood Scuba Hood Technical Hood Yamamoto No.45(3/5/7mm)

Freediving bags - for freediving, spearfishing, finswimming and water activities. Having the right bag is crucial for keeping your gear safe while traversing hard to reach freediving locations.
- Double K Freediving Diving Backpack System One Diving Backpack
- Double K Freediving Fin Mesh Bag R1 Fin Exclusive Fin Bag
- Double K Monofin bag

Freediving is an exhilarating activity that everyone, regardless of age, may enjoy. It opens a silent window into a fascinating world while providing incredible and endless benefits of self-discovery and growth in mind, body and concentration.

With proper instruction, quality gears, and careful adherence to safety, you can freely relish your peaceful underwater excursions.

Double K, the representative brand of Subone, leads the freediving culture through education, instructor trainings, seminars, indoor and marine competitions as well as equipment development, manufacturing and distribution.

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