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Digital Artist KnownForStudio Releases Eco-Inspired NFT Donating Proceeds to BLOND:ISH's Bye Bye Plastic Foundation

Digital artist KnownForStudio is releasing an eco-inspired NFT today, titled 'Eco Dealer', and will be donating a large portion his sale's proceeds to world-renowned DJ BLOND:ISH's eco-foundation Bye Bye Plastic upon the completion of the auction.

Digital artist KnownForStudio releases an eco-inspired NFT, 'Eco Dealer', and is donating large portion of sale's proceeds to world-renowned DJ BLOND:ISH's eco-foundation Bye Bye Plastic Foundation.

    MIAMI, FL, June 17, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The worlds of crypto & reality continue to merge, as eco-sustainability takes focus in this upcoming digital artwork release.

Jordan Lister (aka KnownForStudio) will be releasing an NFT tonight at 7pm EST on the marketplace Foundation, titled 'Eco Dealer [Chapter 1]'. The eco-inspired piece depicts a bleak future that represents the efforts [or better yet lack-there-of] taken by man-kind in its combatant to eco-effort, in which only those with "crypto-pockets deep enough" are able to turn to so-called 'eco dealers' to own a canister of the world that once was. Jordan illustrates this in post-modern illuminance with striking translucent features while including natural lineament that bring the viewer to an advanced dystopian future.

"A theme of post-apocalyptic, cryptic, almost evil & satanic work has flooded this new creative space; and I've asked myself why? This new space [blockchain] is a beautiful advancement of the marvels that our society is accomplishing with technology. I feel that my work should interpret that beauty, while still passing the message that I'm looking to achieve."

Lister continues a theme of conveying his messages through an upcoming NFT, "Mask On", that will release on Waka Flocka Flame's curated platform in coming months.

He goes on to mention that a huge draw of his inspiration for this eco-inspired piece comes from the recent debate of blockchain & traditional financial, and how if we don't continue to strive for more eco-logical solutions while continuing to give back to our efforts of combating climate change - "there won't be an Earth for us to create on".

Upon completion of sale, KnownForStudio will be donating 30% of his sales proceeds to world-renowned DJ BLOND:ISH's non-for-profit Bye Bye Plastic Foundation; whose mission statement it is to eliminate single use plastic within the music industry and support global efforts to clean beaches & remove plastic from oceans.

This comes just 2 weeks after BLOND:ISH (Vivie-Ann Bakos) & KnownFor collaborated for BLOND:ISH's "Chakratastic 111" NFT Series auction on the Solana blockchain, which included an in-person gallery event at the infamous Margulies Warehouse. Vivie-Ann's emphasis of merging the metaphysical & physical realms in a goal of abundance to "happy happy world" reflects on Lister's efforts of giving back, showing the power in their network of collaboration.

Eco Dealer's auction begins at 7pm EST on Foundation, and will run for 24 hours.

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