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100% Working Model to a Human Being's Best Life Possible & Where/What is Tartaria?

Why Am I? Is there a Map? - 100% Working Model 'Payoff' to a Human Being - What is the payoff for me? How does being good get me paid? - What is better? - What is worse? - What Happened to Tartaria?

It is always a wall we come to, or a stumbling block or a point of disagreement. It is primarily because of unclear expectations and missing validation. Always go back to previous points of agreement.

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Each person
is like two sides of a coin. 50/50 or equal measure of Sympathetic Nurturing Heart energies and equal measure of Explorative Calculating Brain energies. We see this expressed in our physicality as Men and Women. We see it inside each person in their Heart and Brain. We see it in everything we think, say, feel, do and create. There is always a share of each of these energies.

When you run into people who seem so peaceful and balanced, it is as usual, things are what they appear to be. You are seeing a peaceful and balanced person because they are peaceful and balanced. Across the population you have observed and the people you interact with and peep on, you see many levels of distance or closeness of Heart and Brain energies. One wants to be sympathetic, nurturing and eternal and the other wants to explore, calculate and break things.

is the same word for hard work. Hard work equals magic.
When you run into peaceful and balanced people, they have done the work necessary to identify themselves and balance themselves. Their success is the key to the world healing. More people getting involved is the door.

Non-lie be told. We get 'paid' for every thought, every action, every sound we make. Every intention. You are getting 'paid' 24/7 1440 minutes a day, 86400 seconds per day. There is a constant push and pull inside you. Your Heart wants you to come Home and take care of you and yours. Your Brain wants to go out further and explore more. Identify this, do the hard work, magic appears in your Life.

A constant feedback, response and call to application across all your bodily and mental systems.


Earth is Tartaria. Any action or non-action results in it's equal measure. What happened to Tartaria? Tartaria was the previous civilization of Earth which was for the most part a one world society. The accurate timelines and history are kept from the general population. They understood how to harness energy from the air and channel it through water. Tesla story was a diversion amongst thousands more to deflect us from the previous civilizations here.

Tartaria was superiorly advanced in Natural Harnessing of Energy via Air and Water and they lived within the Natural Law of Respect for Others. They were also highly advanced in structure building, adornment and enjoying Physicality to it's fullest. At some point they lost their balance of Sympathetic Energies and Explorative Energies. They took their eyes and Hearts off the Ball of Balance. Their leanings toward physical things and away from the Creator of it all led to their loss of Vigilance in the face of Danger.

What is the major confusion on this?

Confusion is from not recognizing the fusion of Sympathetic Eternal White Energy AND Explorative Destructive Energy. These two energies are EQUAL and within every person and thing!. Two sides of the same coin. One cannot live without the other! If one leaves, both die. They are not and WILL NOT give up their bond. They are inextricably linked and married forever! You will never be taken over by BAD FORCES!

This principle is demonstrated in everything we think, feel, say, write, make and in our relationships with others and ourselves. This principle is self evident and easily observed. For those who choose to make BAD ONLY real - you have the power to make that (make believe) - real to you. Once this is recognized - the hard work to repair can begin.

Whenever you look at something or judge an idea it is a fusion of Light and Dark. As long as the Brain respects the Heart and vice versa - Best Life Possible

Who is the good genie and the bad genie on my shoulders? They are your Sympathetic Heart and your Calculating Brain. When they agree - best Life possible.

Disagreements and Validation and Expectations

Disagreements and stumbling blocks and 'Walls' can be found in disagreements. Whether the disagreement is within your Being, with an individual or in a group, it is always a wall we come to, or a stumbling block or a point of disagreement. It is primarily because of unclear expectations and missing validation. Always go back to previous points of agreement - get some validation - and go back to that wall with more determination than before. If you keep going back and forth between your expectations, your needed validation and your challenge - you will overcome and progress. And you will be bringing Souls with you!

Your Heart
checks you for safety and righteousness and your Brain is in constant explore mode. In the days of Tartaria they used a lot of fancy tech to enhance human lives. We have it a bit easier. My reality can be changed by the sounds I listen to and the sounds I make.

The level of happiness for me and those who listen to me is based on the energy we are exchanging. It is 80% molded/created by the sounds we make and hear. The tone. The inflection. The loudness or quietness. The words and phrases we choose.

More of the map and details on the hard work / magic at or [email protected] Learn about where we have been, what we have accumulated and where we are headed.

Ride Thera website is the work of Kevin Gilbert and Nina Wolfgang from Burns Oregon. They both have business and academic backgrounds. Their main hobby was philosophy and decoding the Human condition. They have taken their combined Life study as independents and as a couple and are openly sharing what they have discovered in the interest of all of our betterment and happiness.

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