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Watches Are Resurgence, Why Did Generation Z Choose NAVIFORCE Watches?

Naviforce's brand strategy has been successful and young people all over the world love their watches

    BOCA RATON, FL, June 20, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With the shift of the times, Generation Z (people born in 1995-2012) has gradually become the main force of consumption. Recently, the China Youth Daily and China Youth School Media conducted a questionnaire survey of 998 college students across the country. The results showed that 79.83% of the interviewed college students are willing to support domestic products and have expectations for the development of local brands. When purchasing products, 41.42% of students will give priority to Chinese products.

Different from the parents who grew up in the era of material scarcity, the new generation of young people have very strong self-judgment and self-decision-making ability, have more confidence in domestic products, and pay more attention to "buy what I like" instead of admiring "foreign products." At the same time, Generation Z is more accustomed to using the Internet to understand the world, contact and experience other cultures. However, the Internet has brought huge amounts of information and has made it more difficult to filter effective information. Therefore, it is a new skill acquired by Generation Z to promote one's own personality through various symbols and to make a stand before speaking.

It is understood that more and more Generation Z choose to show their personality through watches. Among them, "NAVIFORCE" (a brand of Guangzhou Xiangyu Watch Co., Ltd.) with "Dream it, Do it!" as the slogan is setting off an upsurge of domestic watches in the Z generation. "Individuality is not only an attitude to life, but also a type of charm. Watches can not only watch the time, but also bring more color to life." The founder of Guangzhou Xiangyu Watch Co., Ltd. said when he recalled his original intention of starting a business.

Own brand "NAVIFORCE Lingxiang"

Why can "NAVIFORCE Leading" be recognized by Generation Z?

Follow the exquisite craftsmanship, highlight personal charm

Gathering with friends, dating couples, and the annual meeting of the last tooth, Gen Z needs to deal with various occasions after entering the university. Ten years ago, the young people attending these occasions dressed up, wearing gold and silver, and a luxurious imported watch was just right. Nowadays, traditional fashion norms have been completely overturned. It is not untimely to wear bold color-contrasting watches in and out of restaurants, and to choose cool sports watches for banquets. These changes depend on Gen Z's eagerness to tear off various inherent labels, break stereotypes, and show the world its unique charm.

NAVIFORCE Leading Star Series Watch NF9110

NAVIFORCE Leading Star Series Watch NF9028

NAVIFORCE Leading Star Series Watch NF9134

The founder of NAVIFORCE Lingxiang stated that "a watch is not only a time tool, but a personalized watch can also show the unique charm of the wearer." It is understood that "NAVIFORCE Lingxiang" integrates the brand belief of "leading personality and helping dreams to fly" into product design. To create unique fashion accessories such as watches, to help every young dreamer and show his unique charm. To show your own unique charm, you need to base yourself on your own culture, otherwise your personal charm will become water without a source and a tree without roots.

In recent years, domestic products have been loved by this group because they are close to the aesthetics and needs of Generation Z consumer groups and carry a sense of cultural pride. However, on the one hand, Gen Z said in a high profile on social media, "I am willing to support domestic products at the moment. This is my rational choice and my feelings." On the other hand, they have put forward higher requirements on domestic products. Many young people People said, "We hope that domestic products will not only be recognized domestically, but also that it can represent China's spiritual strength.

NAVIFORCE Leading Star Series Watch NF9050

NAVIFORCE Leading Star Series Watch NF9068S

NAVIFORCE Leading Star Series Watch NF9093

In fact, for many years, the watch industry has been occupied by international brands. To change this phenomenon, it is necessary for domestic products to continue to challenge the international market and continue to accumulate good reputation. "NAVIFORCE Lingxiang" has done this. It is understood that the "NAVIFORCE Lingxiang" brand was founded in 2012 and has launched more than 200 original watches. Showing individuality on the basis of traditional exquisite craftsmanship has become the unanimous pursuit of the "NAVIFORCE Leading" design team.

At the same time, in the production process of the watch, the company exerts the spirit of craftsmanship of excellence and the pursuit of the ultimate. There are 28 processes from material selection, production, assembly to shipment. Three sets of QC are strictly controlled to ensure that they are delivered to customers. It is a qualified high-quality watch. No matter in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, "NAVIFORCE Leading" products have been recognized and sought after by consumers.

Refusing to bump into the embarrassment, the original party shows true temperament

At present, from social networks to e-commerce platforms, "planting grass" and "pulling the grass" have become the main theme of online marketing. Gen Z, who is resident in the Internet world, is familiar with the gameplay and is relatively strong in promoting explosive watches. Have you already stepped on the thunder on the watch of "Rotten Street"? "It can sting the nerves of Generation Z even more. And buzzwords like "bumping watch is not terrible, who is ugly who is embarrassed" also shows the attitude of Generation Z towards collision models. Therefore, the Z generation, which grew up with rapid advances in science and technology and accelerating social iteration, has distinctly different attributes from its predecessors, such as its world outlook, outlook on life, values, and consumption outlook. According to observations, Gen Z's awareness of copyright has increased significantly. Brands that ignore copyright will be condemned and their image will plummet. It can be seen that only brands that insist on originality will be favored by the personality, fashion, and trend Z generation.

"NAVIFORCE Lingxiang" is a brand that focuses on serving young people. At the beginning of its establishment, the founder set the soul of product design-"unique personality, fashion trend". Surrounding this soul, designers continue to extract various elements from natural life, humanities and arts, and transform them into the DNA of product design, so that products have unique personality and fashion trend style logo, which is a perfect combination of personality and trend. ! The designer also engraved "for dream" on every product, which is a belief! Encouraging young people is a dream, so we must have the courage to pursue it! If it is a dream, we must be brave to explore without fear of wind and rain!

NAVIFORCE Leading Star Series Watch NF9024

NAVIFORCE Leading Star Series Watch NF9028

Because each watch of "NAVIFORCE Lingxiang" insists on originality, its product sales can rely on offline stores and multiple online cross-border e-commerce platform stores to cover Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, and other major regions in the world. And country. As early as 2017, "NAVIFORCE Lingxiang" all-brand and official flagship store of the brand won the first place in the sales amount of watches in the "AliExpress Double 11 Promotion" category; in 2018, it was awarded the "AliExpress 2017-2018" "Tong Top Ten Overseas Brands"; in the same year, the entire brand of "NAVIFORCE Lingxiang" and the official flagship store of the brand won the first place in the sales of watches in the "AliExpress Double 11 Promotion" category. So far, NAVIFORCE Lingxiang products have covered watches, backpacks, wallets, glasses and other fashion accessories.

NAVIFORCE Lingxiang official store won the best store of 2018 on AliExpress
Uphold advanced concepts and interpret young ideas

Individuality, fashion, and trend are the labels of young people. In addition to original design and exquisite craftsmanship, Generation Z also hopes to express "who am I" through consumer brands and shopping venues, so it pays more attention to the spiritual and social attributes of products. In addition, Gen Z is more yearning for brands and idols with focus and belief, so they will understand the stories behind brands and idols, and hope to establish a sense of trust and intimacy in trading relationships with brands and retailers, and complete the process from brand recognition to Changes in self-participation. Therefore, whether the brand concept fits the personality and fashionable personality labels of Generation Z, and whether the brand concept perfectly interprets the concept of "pursuing individualized life" will directly affect the consumption decision of Generation Z.

This standard coincides with the brand concept of the founder of "NAVIFORCE". Looking back at the original intention of starting a business, the founder of the "NAVIFORCE Lingxiang" brand often talked about "Dream". It is understood that the birth of "NAVIFORCE Leadership" originated from the founder's purest insistence on dreams! Hope to create a fashion trend brand that demonstrates the attitude to life. The implied meaning of the brand name is to reflect the brand belief: lead individuality and help dreams fly; the second is to reflect the brand attitude: dare to dream, dare to explore, and be tenacious; third is to reflect the brand design concept: originality, leading, and personalized. And the slogan of "NAVIFORCE Leading": "Dream it, Do it!" is not only the founder's original intention and attitude towards dream pursuit, but also a kind of expectation for the wearer of "NAVIFORCE Leading" , Encourage young people to pursue their dreams and pursue their own individual life with fearless spirit.

Regardless of the past or the future, "NAVIFORCE Leading" will continue to adhere to the brand's purpose: pursuing individual design, exploring the ultimate craftsmanship, and achieving a perfect customer experience! As a result, the goal of "becoming a symbol of personality and trend in the hearts of young people!" is achieved.

NAVIFORCE Leading Brand History

-In October 2012, the NAVIFORCE Lingxiang brand was formally established;

-In August 2013, NAVIFORCE Lingxiang's self-built factory was officially put into production;

-In November 2016, the NAVIFORCE Lingxiang watch NF9100 was officially released, witnessing the breakthrough of 100 models of NAVIFORCE original products;

-In December 2016, NAVIFORCE officially entered the AliExpress platform, opened the official flagship store of the brand, and accelerated the process of brand internationalization;

-In November 2017, NAVIFORCE Lingxiang's full brand and the official flagship store of the brand won the double first in sales in the watch category of the "AliExpress Double 11 Promotion".

-In April 2018, NAVIFORCE was awarded "2017-2018 AliExpress Top Ten Overseas Brands";

-In October 2018, NAVIFORCE Lingxiang watch NF5001 was released, and NAVIFORCE Lingxiang officially launched the fashion ladies watch series;

-In November 2018, NAVIFORCE's full brand and the official flagship store of the brand won the first place in watch category sales in the "AliExpress Double 11 Promotion".

-In December 2019, NAVIFORCE Lingxiang watch NF9171 was released, witnessing the breakthrough of 200 models of NAVIFORCE original products.

-In March 2021, NAVIFORCE will launch a series of fashionable backpacks and wallets.

NAVIFORCE's products sell well all over the world. They are actively looking for distributors to expand their territory. In fact, NAVIFORCE is working closely with agents to actively promote the brand's global influence.

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