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The Life & Work of Henry Halladay: Recognizing One Man's Accomplishments with An Artistic Touch

The legacy of Henry Halladay, Ph.D., PE is now being immortalized in mixed media art pieces. The former Boeing engineer's education, patents, papers, and many awards have made him the perfect candidate for this project.

How could this inspire others?

    BELLEVUE, WA, June 18, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Henry Halladay is not a man who likes to show off. He is well aware of his own accomplishments as a Boeing Engineer, and has chosen to use this credibility to help others. This selflessness has manifested itself in many ways over the years; news articles, Times Square billboard advertisements, an informative online video series, and more. So, when approached with the idea of commemorating his life's work in an objet d'art project his initial response was not "could this help me?," but rather "could this inspire others?"

In short, the answer is a resounding yes, particularly if we base this answer on the staggering number of visitors associated with Henry's popular website. A new section was added to the site in order to accommodate this expanding collection of extremely personal desk pieces in a slideshow presentation.

But, this just wasn't enough.

It should be known that Henry's production crew has strived to make this virtual art collection both informative and entertaining, not unlike Learn Learn Learn, Dr. Halladay's celebrated podumentary series. It quickly became apparent that the centerpiece range of Henry's collection would need its own website. And so, it was done. Meet

This bold, new undertaking was never going to be easy. Much like the art awards series itself, this new site would require patience, a sharp eye, and an open mind to interpretation. Above all, it has called for a complete understanding of Henry Halladay's professional life, including its many nuances and stories. Fortunately, Henry was in good hands working with a creative team who knows his biography inside-out; a team that has worked with him regularly for many years. These individuals helped animate ideas, build upon mere concepts.

Why Henry Halladay?

Before his esteemed career with Boeing, Dr. Halladay published four articles in international publications, while during his career he secured four patents, and received numerous awards granted by the Boeing Company divisions. This included Special Incentive in 1979, Outstanding Performance in 1988 and the Continuous Quality Improvement Award in 1994. In recognition of his accomplishments, the Boeing Company selected him as Associate Technical Fellow in 1991, Technical Fellow in 1995 and Senior Technical Fellow in 1999. Dr. Halladay participated in Executive Training programs at the Boeing Training Facility in St. Louis. Dr. Halladay was also elected Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Additionally, since retirement he has continued his lifelong interest in technology through constant learning; a concept he promotes on Learn Learn Learn, the aforementioned online media series.

Some of Henry's distinctions came with trophies, some with plaques or certificates, and some with nothing more than the honor itself. "The Life & Work of Henry Halladay" awards series does not aim to replace any of these past awards and achievements, nor is it designed to act as an upgrade or reimagining of anything in the past. The goal is not to rewrite history, but instead to document it in an exciting, logical, and creative way. Each art piece is meant to pay homage to the events of a given year, which means one piece might commemorate a single distinction, while another piece might recognize two or even three distinctions. Henry and the coordinators of this venture agreed that the year-by-year approach would be favorable to any other, not only because it reinforces the fact that this is a matter of art, not awards, but also because it tells a chronological story.

Eventually, when it became apparent that not everything has a year to attach to it, the Life & Work series expanded into thematic subdivisions, such as teamwork, engineering disciplines, and expertise. With so many visually and mentally stimulating pieces currently in production and even more already being displayed artfully in Henry's home, it's easy to forget how this all started with one simple goal: to tell a story.

If storytelling was the goal, then the finished product is nothing short of a staggering success. Each piece is represented visually by carefully sourced and crafted pieces from places and creators around the world. Any given awards piece is assigned its meaning in different ways, including a couple of extra special instances where Henry got involved in the "artist side" of things by interpreting the art and providing the verbiage for the piece himself! Usually, though, it is the production team behind Henry that envisions the collection based on theme, information, time period, and more. Sometimes the choices are driven by subject matter. Other times it is a matter of aesthetic preferences by Dr. Halladay himself. Generally, though, it's a little bit of everything. The desk pieces themselves vary in materials and different combinations thereof. Metal, wood, marble, granite, crystal, acrylic, and even aerospace aluminum all make appearances—sometimes coexisting within the same piece.

In addition to the professionally shot photographs appearing in the website's gallery presentation, there is also a special section dedicated to Henry's personal photographs of the collection. This exists so people can see the "Life & Work" series as it appears in Henry's home. It is there that these works are displayed in astounding arrangements, replete with colored lights, shelving, and strategic placement. The personal snapshots (including video on the home page) really let the viewer appreciate the intention of the series on another level; specifically, how does Henry live with these pieces in his life?

Many of the installments in The Life & Work of Henry Halladay awards series have already been unveiled and are currently being featured in the online gallery, while others are being rolled out all the time. In many ways, the collection itself is a piece of art overall, growing and deepening in substance and style.

Expectedly, in 2020-21 there were some challenges faced from a manufacturing and delivery standpoint as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, it turns out slow and steady might be the best pace for this series, after all. These are pieces to be savored, studied, and talked about.

Most would agree that whether they know Henry Halladay's story or not, each individual art piece is thought provoking, and everyone involved hopes that they capture the intended sentiment. With thousands of people visiting Henry's official webpages every month there is little doubt that people everywhere are now tuned in not only to the Learn Learn Learn media serial program, but also the other series—the tangible series—rolling out in real time: The Life & Work of Henry Halladay.

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