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Aoonuauto Launched LED Door Handle Light with High Quality LED Bulb Inside, Stable Performance and Super Brightness

To look a class apart it is important to mark your presence in public places you visit. AoonuAuto car accessories are perfectly designed as per car size and models which is easy to install.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 21, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Car owners can now have a great addition to their interior lighting accessories with the energy-efficient LED door handle lights from AoonuAuto. Custom designed for 99% of car brands and models, owners will have the handle bowl highlighted while rolling the glass and pulling the door handle. Convenient and stylish, the door handle lights glow in the color the owners want and flash whatever they want to show with the backlight.

Nowadays, when there is no dearth of brands offering car accessories, AoonuAuto strives to take a lead with its environmentally safe lighting options so that car drivers and passengers enjoy a style statement while finding convenience. The door handle lights are thus released in the market not only to enthrall the customers but also to educate them about the use of eco-friendly light sources. The handle bowl lights with premium LED chips play their part in emitting no smoke, gas, chemical or radiation at all for a better and sustainable future of automobiles. Currently, aoonuauto offering a 10% discount by applying code "New10" on all the products.

Coming to the wide range of brands supported by the designing team of AoonuAuto, customers will find that the light chips are compatible regardless of the model. Therefore, whether a person drives a rugged Jeep or a Jaguar, a sleek Lexus or a Land Rover, the door handle light will work in all. There is something for every car owner whether they want to have the brand name and logo flashed with the light or a customized design.

Apparently, AoonuAuto lets the buyer choose the style, color and pattern of the logo in case they want the brand-specific design. On the other hand, if someone wants exclusive customization along with the shape of the handle bowl, there is the option to choose the symbol, logo, text, pattern, color or picture to be carved on the plate. This gives the user an opportunity to highlight any symbol they follow, a company or store they are associated with, any inspiring message or text they like to see while getting out of the car and the color of the light they feel cheerful with.

For a car, AoonuAuto is offering two, as well as four handle bowl lights in a pack so that the customers can choose whether they want the lights for the front doors or the back doors or both. Made of anti-corrosive Japanese acrylic material, the housing of the light chips is only about 0.4 to 0.5 centimeters, thereby, there will not be any issue of the light plate sticking out weirdly or marring the overall functionality of the handle bowl.

The carving on the plate is done with highly precise laser cutting technology so that each plate features unmatched craftsmanship. While having enhanced luminous efficiency, the LEDs will not be dazzling to the eyes of the passengers or driver. Thanks to the mirror-polished surface that is made waterproof with an IP65 rating, the hermetic designed chip will withstand any accidental splash or contact with snow, dirt and grease. The lamp boards have glue fillings and are sealed to prevent any external corrosive element from entering chip and damaging the interior.

The LED bulbs not only have higher brightness and a long service life of over two thousand hours, but also have decoded control chip without any fault code. The flame-retardant material makes the door handle bowl lights of AoonuAuto suitable for regions with extremely high temperature as protection from overcurrent and quick heat dissipation prevents overheating issues.

Using these 12V LED door handle lights is as easy as their installation with strong 3M adhesive on the back that makes sure the plate is firmly stuck and never falls off. Even if you decide to remove the light plate, no residual glue remains, therefore saving the additional cleaning task. AoonuAuto makes sure that during the pin-in installation, the car is not damaged in any way or any wire is broken. The installation is, therefore, non-destructive and all a person has to do is to put the black wire to the negative pole and the white wire to the positive side.

Durable, scratch-proof and dust-proof, the high-transmittance chips glowing in white, multicolor, red and blue colors will lighten up the door handles or knobs, window rolling knobs or crank handles to a safe journey, especially in the dark.

Specializing in exterior and interior car lighting accessories, AoonuAuto offers everything from headlight lamps to tailgate bars, wheel lights to DRLs, LED coasters to floor mats, interior accent lights to aromatherapy diffusers and so on. The accessories are affordable and offer customization to the users apart from supporting all types of cars and brands. Even if the customer wants to replace the existing setup, the light accessories of AoonuAuto can be installed without damaging the structure as simple drilling or DIY placement works in almost all the lights.

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