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Cavapoo | Changing with World With $CAVA and Community Driven Charitable Missions

    CHICAGO, IL, June 24, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Cavapoo aims to bring a light of hope and address real-world problems with blockchain. The project also plans to help the community make a difference in society by running one of its kind charity-led cryptocurrency networks. As a decentralized network, Cavapoo focuses on the community and will work to bridge the gap between charity and community.

A Meme-Based Platform With Innovative Features
Cavapoo or CAVA offers rapid rewards to the users and gives a 3% cut of every transaction to the existing token holders. This implies that the users can earn more $CAVA by holding it. Another 4% of the transaction will be cut and sent to the automatic liquidity pool.

CAVA works to bridge the gap between the real world and charity. The team holds real-world charitable events, food drives, and fundraisers to bring the benefits of crypto to those who need it the most. The users will be engaging with a fully audited, liquidity locked, and liquidity pool-based token that also has a burning system. 5% of the total supply is burned every month. So, the users can expect a gradual decrease in supply leading to an increase in the coin value.

The platform is community-driven, and allows users to earn by holding and coin burning. CAVA is a utility-driven platform, and its mission is to overhaul the relationship between crypto and the real world.

Cryptocurrency with a Mission
Right from the day of its launch, CAVA is on a mission to build one of the strongest communities. The team will partner up with charity organizations and work towards creating a better future. CAVA is ready to do the work and support people who want to bring about a change in the world. With the help of documented contributions and awareness-raising campaigns, they will bring to notice the problems in the world.

To further the mission, CAVA has partnered up with Brian Urlacher to promote and share the good message. The charitable mission will be starting with the Shriners Hospitals for Children and Boys & Girls Club of Chicago.

Also, in an effort to generate awareness about the good CAVA will do, they partnered up with Faze Fauxty and sponsored a game tournament.

Value-Driven $CAVA Token
The $CAVA token is the main driving force of the platform, is an ERC20 token, and works on the Ethereum blockchain. With a maximum supply of 10 quadrillion tokens, $CAVA will undergo redistribution, burning, and reward generation for the benefit of the community.

In addition to this, the CAVA platform is built on four values to build a strong and safe community platform. The values include transparency, community, trust, and longevity. As a transparent platform, communication is effective in sharing and receiving information on CAVA, its progress, and its mission.

The CAVA community is the sole owner of the platform. Everyone is encouraged to help it grow and share efforts for creating one of the best platforms. The members can help with marketing, development, community management, etc.

Because the platform is fully audited and the proof of audited contracts are in the public domain, CAVA has built trust among the community and the token holders plus liquidity providers.

CAVA values longevity, which explains that this community-driven platform has been put into place for better ecosystem development. Due to its value-driven infrastructure, Cavapoo also became the 100th coin to be added on the Zoo Index. Other this this, CAVA is also listed on DexTools, CoinGecko,HotBit, Bilaxy, and CoinMarketCap.

About CAVA
CAVA or Cavapoo is a decentralized meme-based community-first platform working with an aim to help the digital world connect with the real world. CAVA does not want to limit the benefits of the cryptocurrency and blockchain to remain inside the digital ecosystem.

With the platform working to bridge the gap between both worlds, the benefits accrued from the digital side will start flowing to the real world. With a primary concern to run charities and help those in need, it will also focus on raising awareness among the community for real-world problems.

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