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Gaudium IVF Delivering Motherhood Dreams

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    NEW DELHI, INDIA, June 29, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The number of childless couples & statistics of infertility is increasing at a very fast pace, hence has become a reason for concern. With growing infertility, its effective treatment has also become very important.

As GAUDIUM IVF has been consistently working hard for your motherhood dreams to be delivered.

We are delighted to share with you a few of our conquests that have helped thousands of couples across the globe to accomplish their dream of becoming parents and brought them a lifetime of jubilation.

Success after 12 years of infertility, uterine fibroids, and multiple failed IVF cycles

With 12 years of infertility, 14 cm fibroids, and multiple failed IVF cycles, This patient had undergone myomectomy (fibroid removal surgery) in the past but After a few years of her myomectomy, there was a recurrence of fibroid she also had a history of 4 unsuccessful IVF cycles. When she approached Gaudium IVF, The Infertility Expert team of GAUDIUM thoroughly analysed her medical history and decided not to remove fibroid as it was not infringing the endometrial cavity. To optimize the patient's chances to have a successful IVF cycle, the INFERTILITY EXPERT team of Gaudium performed a careful ultrasound-guided well-planned embryo transfer. The patient returned home with a beautiful healthy baby boy at 35 weeks.

Successfully delivered the motherhood dream to a patient with a history of 4 failed IVF attempts in Korea

Jimin, a 41-year-old woman from Korea visited Gaudium with a history of 4 failed IVF cycles. The patient had 6 instances of early pregnancy loss as well. Careful,precise and the personalised treatment protocols were taken from identifying the healthy embryos, improving her endometrial receptivity prior to embryo transfer to promote implantation, till the delivery.and the achievement was when the patient conceived in the first attempt and delivered a healthy baby.

Twin birth at GAUDIUM IVF after 12 failed IVF cycles from elsewhere

The patient came to our Srinagar clinic with a history of 12 failed IVF cycles. She conceived a twin pregnancy through a successful IVF attempt at Gaudium. In this patient's case, the use of Recombinant Gonadotropins was made in a Flare Protocol (the specific protocol used in patients with poor response to ovarian stimulation). Assisted laser hatching was done on the patient's embryos before transfer. All these carefully taken steps by GAUDIUM's team of doctors led to a successful pregnancy and birth of healthy twin babies.

Founded by the globally acclaimed Infertility Specialist and Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr. Manika, Gaudium IVF & Gynae Solutions Centre is a leading provider of the highest quality infertility treatment in India. Gaudium IVF is a brand it comes to the top IVF Centre in Delhi. We started in 2009 and so far we have delivered thousands of babies and our patients are spread in more than 30 countries. Dr. Manika Khanna the founder of Gaudium IVF has left no stone unturned in bringing honour to the IVF centre and the unmatched success rate has made Gaudium the best IVF Centre in Delhi, India. We are known for handling multiple failed IVF cases. The consistently high success rate has given the company the status of a referral center for failed cases.

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