All Press Releases for July 05, 2021

Rolling Around, Merge Windows, and Merge Walls are Available for Free in the Apple App Store

Announcing the latest releases of three challenging and fun video games written by Brian Giedt this year.

All games have just been updated to support iOS 14.5 privacy settings and added addition levels of play.

    WACO, TX, July 05, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Rolling Around, Merge Windows and Merge Walls are the first three games written just this past year by Brian Giedt for iOS devices. All games have just been updated to support iOS 14.5 privacy settings and added addition levels of play. In Rolling Around, the player is tasked with pushing a ball on the screen along a path and the real challenge is how close you can match the path exactly. In Merge Windows, the player is tasked with merging all of the Windows on a building with other windows that fall from the sky. In Merge Walls, the player is tasked with merging an odd-shaped wall piece onto a building until all of the squares on the building are brought up to the same target level.

Rolling Around offers 1600 levels, each providing a different path and unique challenges. By placing your finger beside the ball on the screen and your finger toward the ball in a slow motion, you cause the ball to move away from your finger. But because both your finger and the ball are round, your motion and position have to be exact to get the ball to move in the direction you chose. At the end of each level you'll be rated on the percent match between your path and the target path. Some levels have sharp angles in the path and others have long flowing curves to follow. You can earn stars for matching more than 65% of the path. If you can match the path 100% you can earn a diamond that can be used to pick one of the many different colored balls to be used in the game. Rolling Around is extremely relaxing game.

Rolling Around also allows you to play levels in one-on-one challenges with your friends. Rolling Around also installs as an iMessage game. You will be able to send a challenge to your friends using one of the levels you have already completed via an iMessage text message. Your friend and you will then take turns attempting to match the same path. After both players have played you'll find out who won and how well they did. You can challenge any friend that has an iPhone. If they don't yet have Rolling Around yet, the message will help them download and be able to complete your challenge. When they challenge you back, you'll be playing one of the levels near the levels they've completed. It's up to you if you want to share why challenges you start are always harder than theirs.

Merge Windows offers a fast paced block merge game with the challenge of finishing the windows on a building in the center of your playing area. New Windows with varying numbers will fall on the sides of the screen. You can merge two Windows marked with the same number to create a Window of the next value. Merge a Window onto the building to raise that Window to the next level. Merge all of the Windows on the building to the target level to win. Merge Windows challenges you with buildings that start two-stories tall up to nine-stories tall. There are 29 levels, offering varying speeds where the Windows fall from the sides faster and faster. You must Merge the Windows on the sides or use them on your building before the sides fill up with Windows ending your game. On each early level, you can share a Window with the other side of your building by dragging it the long way over the building. On the final levels, the building is nine-stories tall and blocks you from sharing Windows between the sides. In these final levels, it's now like playing two separate Merge Windows games at the same time. Merge Windows is an exciting dragging-packed game.

Merge Walls is a fast paced block merge game with the challenge of finishing the walls of a building in the center of your playing area. Blocks of varying shapes will fall on the sides of your playing area. Merge those shapes onto your building and each of the squares matching the shape will increase by one. Merge Walls onto your building until all of your building reaches the target level. As you continue playing the higher levels, additional shape types will fall making the sides fill up quicker and making it harder to find a space that will fit that larger shape. The shapes on the sides may fit together snugly and may block you from being able to move the piece without moving pieces above them. You must complete your building before the wall shapes on the sides stack up to the top of the screen. There are 49 levels with buildings between two and nine stories tall and two, three, or four columns wide and varying speeds. Merge Walls is an action packed strategic merge game.

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