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Insurelab: What Does a Rebuilt Title Mean

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    GLENDALE, CA, July 11, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A rebuilt title can mean different things in different states, but one fact is universal: Once your car earns a rebuilt title, it will show up on your history report forever and tarnish your reputation.

A rebuilt title --- or a salvage or reconstructed title --- is placed on a vehicle after it has been severely damaged and rebuilt or restored with refurbished parts and placed back in roadworthy condition.

A car may acquire a rebuilt title after an insurance company declares a total loss, and the owner will have to pay more to repair it than it is worth. A rebuilt title is also issued after a car has been seized or impounded and then sold to an auto repair shop, a junkyard or upgraded for auction.

Some states require that anyone buying a salvage vehicle who intends to restore it be licensed as a re-builder. In most states, a rebuilt car must be inspected before it can be put back on the road. A person who buys a rebuilt car must intend to keep it since selling it may prove difficult.

Cons of the rebuilt title car
On the other hand, rebuilt cars also have some disadvantages, which are:

You need a second opinion.
Even though the car passes an inspection first, that doesn't mean you're automatically in the clear. Getting a second opinion on the car is something you should consider.

Selling the vehicle would be difficult
Getting a rebuilt title vehicle means you need to be careful with it and maintain it carefully. With auto rebuilding, there is a high likelihood that it will be difficult to resell the car.

Insurance may not cover the vehicle
A good number of insurance providers do not offer insurance with a rebuilt title. Agencies that do not provide protection require full coverage for a rebuilt title car. Therefore, it is important to review the terms and conditions of the policy.

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