All Press Releases for July 14, 2021

Emergents' The Nine to Launch at InterPop Block Party on July 17th

Emergents' Comic Series The Nine to Launch, at the InterPop Block Party, a one-dayevent that brings comics, gaming, NFTs and fan culture together like never before.

    NEW YORK, NY, July 14, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- InterPop, the company building the next generation of fan experience, is pleased to announce the InterPop Block Party, a one-day event at the intersection of NFTs and fan culture. Attendees of the one-day conference on July 17th will receive a free NFT copy of Emergents The Nine Issue #0 and experience how InterPop is transforming fandom through NFTs.

Emergents The Nine Issue #0

Emergents is a new comics universe from President & Publisher of InterPop, Brian David Marshall and Group Editor, Rachel Gluckstern, featuring Writer, Will Pfeifer, cover and interiors art by Steve Ellis, and variant covers by Amanda Conner, Colleen Doran, David Lapham, Bill Sienkiewicz, and more. The zero issue will kick off the ongoing series for The Nine and introduce some of the characters in the Emergents Universe. In total there will be three ongoing titles, with Emergents Presents and #ZoeMG to be released this summer.

Issue #0 of The Nine, the first NFT comic book in the Emergents universe, will premiere at InterPop Block Party on July 17th and will be available for free to attendees via the InterPop e-reader. All of the ongoing titles will be made available as Free-to-Read comics in the e-reader as they are released and also offered as NFT editions.

True digital ownership of an Emergents comic series issue unlocks new experiences for comics fans. NFT collectors and readers will be able to vote on the future of the Emergents universe on topics ranging from the cosmetic to the cosmic. This means fans may choose which characters live and which ones die -- and what costume they are wearing when it happens. It also means that fans can trade or sell their NFT copies of InterPop's comics just like they can with physical comics.

Emergents TCG & MinterPop

Alongside the comics series, InterPop will release the Emergents Trading Card Game (TCG) based on the Emergents universe where players will be able customize their decks like never before by buying, trading, and selling NFT cards. The first six cards ever minted for the Emergents Trading Card Game, which is launching in early 2022, will be available during the InterPop Block Party. Attendees will receive one of the six NFT cards revealed during the event for free and can collect the rest on InterPop's brand-new NFT marketplace, MinterPop.

InterPop will also debut MinterPop, a dedicated NFT marketplace with a primary and secondary market for digital collectibles in the Emergents universe including variant covers, original art, signed copies, enhanced cover effects, collectible figures, and props from the comics themselves. MinterPop's free gas marketplace will be the destination for fans to collect, trade or sell NFTs from InterPop. Block Party is not just about the innovations at InterPop but about showing people how easy blockchain can be and introducing fans to their first NFT experience.

InterPop Block Party

InterPop Block Party will showcase how NFTs can unlock a new era of experiences for fans and creators alike through thoughtful conversation and demonstrable experiences at the event. The event will feature a series of panels composed of members of the InterPop team as well as comics and gaming industry veterans including Colleen Doran, Jimmy Palmiotti, Alex Segura, and Stuart Moore. The experts will discuss a wide range of topics: from the current state of the comics industry itself to forecasts of how NFTs can positively impact respective industries of fandom like comics, games, and collectibles.

Attendees will receive swag bags containing free NFTs, enjoy panel discussions from leading industry voices, explore the Artist Alley gallery where NFTs of original work of featured artists will be for sale, and meet and engage with creators from across the comics world.

The event will be hosted on the interactive online platform Topia, which allows attendees to take control of a virtual avatar to explore an immersive conference universe. Topia brings engagement to the forefront. It combines movement in a virtual space with video chatting and interaction with in-world objects to help evoke a sense of reality that goes far beyond the conventional digital conferencing experiences.

NFTs on Tezos

InterPop is built on Tezos, a Proof of Stake blockchain that uses 2 million times less energy than competing platforms. Tezos NFTs on InterPop will allow creators to focus on the core of what NFTs enable, prioritizing both innovation and sustainability.

InterPop Block Party will be held on July 17, 2021 starting at 10:00am EST on Topia. Learn more and register here today.

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