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Wintriss Takes Die Protection to the Next Level

SmartPAC PRO upgrade introduces complex monitoring of intermittent events and boosts production rates for hand-fed jobs

    ACTON, MA, July 26, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Imagine being able to customize the way your control reads timing-related features on the die protection sensors on your press. No need for workarounds, no need for external hardware.

That's now a reality with the new feature package recently released by Wintriss Controls Group for its SmartPAC PRO press automation controller. The upgrade represents the greatest advancements in die sensor monitoring technology in more than 30 years, said Jim Finnerty, Wintriss product manager.

"These features are possible because of the greatly expanded processing power offered by the SmartPAC PRO," he said. "The system has five times the processing power of the previous model, accommodating the new advancements without slowing down or removing any other processes."

At the center of the upgrade is the Green Flex sensor, a versatile new cyclic sensor monitoring type, which includes new conditional options, like:
• Specifying the required state of the sensor at the start of the ready window
• Specifying the required state of the sensor at the end of the ready window
• Setting the sensor to require a specific number of actuations inside the ready window

Several of the new features also allow complex monitoring of intermittent events without cumbersome workarounds:

Masking for green sensors allows for die protection events that need to be monitored on certain cycles and ignored on others.

A bypass window for red and yellow sensors ignores nuisance stops related to naturally occurring material movements.

A minimum actuation time also ignores short nuisance stops and only engages when an error persists.

Another feature is an auto-reset for hand-fed applications where the removal of a part generates an error. Previously, operators had to manually clear the error before proceeding with the next part.

The upgrade also includes:
• Unlimited sensor names
• Sensor enable mode selectable by tool
• Startup counter for green special sensors
• "Copy sensor" button
• Additional "sensor disabled" indicators

"Taken together, these features not only expand the capabilities of the SmartPAC PRO, but they also make sensor monitoring more forgiving and enable higher production rates for hand-fed jobs," Finnerty said.

Customers currently using the SmartPAC PRO are eligible for the upgrade at no additional cost. Owners of the SmartPAC 1 and 2 can trade up to the SmartPAC PRO at a special price to take advantage of the new advancements.

Contact Wintriss for more upgrade details.

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