All Press Releases for July 31, 2021

DR. Jonell L. McPherson Releases and Announces the Publication 'The Shift in Perspective' to Promote Wellness Transformation to all,…in Mind, Body, Spirit and Heart

Through implementing Life Skills, Dr. McPherson teaches: Thinking Skills, Behavioral Skills and Emotional Skills, to promote mindful wellness practices that minimizes stressors such as: worry, doubt, fear, depression and anxieties.

    QUEENS, NY, July 31, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Jonell L. McPherson announces the book's release about the importance of wellness and its benefits titled 'The Shift in Perspective'. The book focuses on the impact of thinking well, doing well and living free from perceived stressors, that transforms our lifestyle in a positive manner.

The Shift in Perspective is a way of life for those who are open to positive alternative ways of: thinking, doing, and living well and free. The book's core idea is to understand the "How's" (Life Skills), of managing and stopping unwanted stressors/worries for a healthier life and how anyone can reap the benefits of transforming their wellness in their mind, body, spirit and even their heart by having integrating wellness into their lives.

Dr. Jonell L. McPherson, Ed.D., CES has education and practice in various mind, behavioral health, and wellness concerns, she shares in her book: The Shift in Perspective to motivate, inspire, and develop individuals and systems. The dedication and hard work poured into the publication serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment to all Student's, Learner's, Systems (family, churches, employment organizations), and Leader's.

The Shift in Perspective Delivers:
• Importance of Thinking Well: Dr. J shares the importance of shifting your way of thinking in a more healthy and positive functioning. The experience shared serves as an inspiration for everyone to lead a healthy and joyful life.
• Doing Well: By understanding and learning the skills of getting along with self and others. In short understanding the 'How' of life.
• Living Free: She shares ideas to get rid of stress, worries, fears, doubts, anxieties and even depression.

Passion, motivation, courage, and determination all play a part in life, but there is no success without having goals. The publication helps inspire people to commit themselves to a life goal and work harder for its achievement. The book will help you discover:

• Expansion of knowledge for better days
• Positively shift your ideas to rid yourself of worries and stresses
• Encourages a stress free sleeping pattern to enhance mental and physical capabilities
• The book itself is a life teaching guide

"I am thrilled to announce my book that will unlock the secrets of a healthy lifestyle and give you better ways to make yourself better. I have worked tirelessly and want to spread awareness for everyone that they can lead a wellness life by getting rid of stress, anxiety and depression. Everybody deserves to lead a happy and cheerful life, and I am here to tell you that you have the best chance to act now. My publication has sparked the interest of thousands worldwide, and I know it will bring a positive change in the lives it reaches," said Dr. Jonell L. McPherson, author of 'The Shift in Perspective'. I am grateful to see the impacts of this upcoming title, as it continues to improve the lives of all people and systems who realizes and beholds The Shift in Perspective.

Dr. Jonell L. McPherson, Ed.D., CES is a mind, behavior health, and wellness expert, with extensive knowledge and practice. As the author of the upcoming publication: 'The Shift in Perspective' She inspires millions to reshape, and lead a better life. The author's determination and efforts are unmatched and will help people and systems take a better approach to life, mindful Life Skills practices.

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