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Terbine Data Exchange To Link Cities, Automotive and Utility Sectors

First-of-its-kind system automates the sharing of sensor data between municipalities, connected vehicles and power utilities to enable advanced mobility solutions such as autonomous navigation for drones and cars, EVs, augmented reality and more

"Companies, cities and others have until now been forced to exchange data using tedious manual processes. It's time to reduce months of negotiating down to milliseconds." David Knight, Terbine CEO.

    TRAVERSE CITY, MI, August 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Terbine announced today in conjunction with the Center for Automotive Research's annual conference the first commercial Data Exchange for the rapidly evolving world of connected vehicles. The system was created to remove blockages that have hindered data sharing and will enable a wide range of new applications for sustainability, public safety, urban mobility, logistics efficiency and consumers.

Eliminating Data Sharing Friction

Inspired by commodities exchanges that were created to scale up the volume and velocity of trading beyond what were individual broker-to-broker negotiations, the Terbine Data Exchange moves the handling of technical, legal, regulatory and data monetization issues out of the manual realm and into a comprehensive automated framework that operates at Internet speeds. The system employs machine learning technology to provide secure, precise context for data sources, and supports both human and AI-based "users" such as autonomous vehicles.

"Until now, the worlds of government, mobility and electrical utilities haven't been able to exchange data without going through tedious and time-consuming processes," said David Knight, Terbine CEO. "With the massive growth in electric and autonomous vehicle deployment, it's time to reduce months of manual negotiating to milliseconds."

A 'Data Brain' for the Emerging EV/AV World

The Terbine Data Exchange is intended to widely enable intelligent mobility. Applications encompass safety for autonomous vehicles, feeding information into augmented reality (AR) displays, smart grids, electric car- and truck-charging networks, autonomous mobile robots, delivery and passenger-carrying drones, sustainability elements such as mobile air quality monitoring and many others. Tens of thousands of sensor data feeds sourced from cities, counties, state and federal agencies have already been "contextualized" and linked into the Data Exchange, ( which can be utilized for "training" of autonomous vehicle software and other immediate uses.

A Trusted Environment for use by Local Governments, Automakers and Energy Companies

Data providers can control who and under what circumstances their data can be accessed, and their data can be monetized via the system, with all transactions being encoded using blockchain technology. Data can be routed to or from virtually any source ranging from individual machines to very large fleets or power transmission networks. Currently operating in the cloud, the Terbine Data Exchange will be expanded onto upcoming mobile edge computing fabrics for increased local processing speed and lower latency.

Companies, government agencies and research organizations can join the Data Exchange at no charge via a web-based form at

About Terbine

Terbine is the first global-scale system for the seamless exchanging of IoT data, which characterizes, categorizes, licenses, regulates, tracks, monetizes and securitizes the flow of machine-generated data emanating from public agencies, academic institutions and commercial entities. Designed to leverage continuing advances in artificial intelligence, 5G and edge computing, Terbine will scale with the growth in IoT data generation and solidify its usage within and between industries, to the benefit of global commerce and society at large.

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