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Is Now the Time to Convert to Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

Is your house too hot? Is your cooling system failing to keep up with the summer heat? Now might be the time to convert to refrigerated air conditioning.

    EL PASO, TX, August 06, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "When it comes to cooling your house, there are two primary methods." states, Mike LaBeau, owner of SoBellas. The first is evaporative cooling. When the air is dry, water evaporation and fans can be used to push cool air through the house. In the right climate, evaporative cooling can be a delight. In the wrong climate, however, evaporative cooling doesn't work at all.

The second method is refrigerated air conditioning. Using room-to-room units or ductwork for central air, your air is chilled over coils filled with coolant fluid. This provides refrigeration levels of cold no matter the outside temperature or humidity level. Refrigerated air conditioning can be controlled in zones with a ductless mini-split system or you can install central air with a duct system that carries cold air evenly through the house.

Which is the right system for you? Mike says, "If evaporative cooling hasn't been keeping up this summer, now is the time to convert to refrigerated air conditioning."

When Evaporative Cooling Reaches its Limitations

Evaporative cooling transfers water into the air, lowering the temperature and increasing the humidity. It is a clever and low-power system that keeps many homes quite cool. But evaporative cooling, or swamp coolers as they are sometimes called, can only do so much. Most evaporative coolers can't lower the temperature below about 76 F and can often only change the temperature by about 20 F total.

Swamp coolers, ironically, also don't work well in high humidity. Because the method is adding water to the air for cooling, a humid day can defeat the usefulness of evaporative cooling. If your summers are too hot or too muggy to keep the house cool, it may be time to think about a cooling system upgrade to refrigerated air conditioning instead.

The Heat Wave Trend

Many homes with older cooling systems are seeing new challenges with the recent trend of heat waves. Over the last few summers, record high temperatures are becoming more common across major cities and regions. According to Mike, "Older cooling systems and evaporative cooling may both struggle to keep your house cool during these trending heat waves." We can expect similar temperatures next year so it's time to start thinking about home safety and comfort for the future. Whether it's replacing an old AC or converting to refrigerated air, your home deserves to be cool during the next heat wave.

Options for Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Window Units
Many older homes have window and wall mounted units for cooling in individual rooms. These units do provide refrigerated air which can get colder than 70 degrees and removes humidity instead of adding it. You can convert windows to window units or upgrade old window units for far more advanced and efficient modern window-mounted refrigerated air conditioning.

Mini-Split Zoned Cooling
Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems provide zoned AC like window units, but you don't need an outdoor wall. With coolant lines run through the walls, a mini-split system provides refrigerated air in selected zones of your house (choose the temp in each area individually) with a powerful central cooling compressor.

Central Air Conditioning
Central air conditioning is classic refrigerated air. Powered by a coolant unit in the center of the house, ducts then carry cold air to vents in every room. This provides an even temperature throughout the house with a central unit and centralized temperature control.

Now is the Time to Convert to Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Is your house too hot? Is your cooling system failing to keep up with this year's heat waves? Now is the ideal time to convert to refrigerated air conditioning. Contact us today to explore your AC upgrade and conversion options to have your home cool before the summer is out. We look forward to helping you find the ideal AC for your home.

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